Campus Development & Maintenance Office

Campus Development & Maintenance Office is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the campus properties and ensuring that these are in compliance with all applicable regulations.


  • To provide students and employee a safe, comfortable, clean, efficient buildings and outdoor areas to learn, play, and develop.
  • To coordinate development as needed to ensure a safe, functional, and environment friendly campus.
  • To organize the maintenance of the physical school facilities and grounds in a condition of operating excellence, cleanliness, and safety so that full educational use is ensured.


Building improvements & maintenance
  • Scheduling building preventive maintenance and housekeeping
  • Establishes and recommends priorities on repair projects. Plans and oversees maintenance and repair functions, including emergency repairs
  • Check and monitor the physical condition, general upkeep and cleanliness of the building, its surroundings and its facilities
Building Safety
  • Drafting and updating emergency plans and evacuation procedures
  • Overseeing fire prevention, and other safety systems & procedures
  • Conducts & monitor fire drills, lock downs and other emergency procedure drills in compliance with the established guidelines
Environmental Requirements
  • Submit reports and documents in compliance to environmental policies & regulations
  • Monitor proper performance, operation and maintenance of environmental management facilities
  • Renewal and application of Environmental Permits

Team Members

Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Daluz, Marivic R.

Head, Campus Development & Maintenance Office

Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Toylo, Anthony A.