Office for Corporate Partnerships

The Office for Corporate Partnerships (OCP) works to develop linkages between the institution and various corporations, industries, government agencies, private groups, and non-government organizations in order to provide opportunities for students to maximize their potential, experiences, and learnings in their respective fields.  

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, a Mapúa School deeply values the relevance and contributions of our industry partners and stakeholders in line with our initiatives for outcomes-based education (OBE). By forming partnerships with industries, the OCP looks to maximize the outcomes and opportunities of our students through practicum, on-the-job-training, internships, and work immersion. Through this, our students can be provided with Industry 4.0 skills and transformed into globally-competitive and competent individuals



Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) – Davao International Airport

Plaque of appreciation given to Malayan Colleges Mindanao for its participation in the CAAP Emergency Drill 2019

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) invited Malayan Colleges Mindanao for the CAAP Emergency Drill 2019 last December 1, 2019. The documentation to be produced is one of the requirements of some international airlines to see how Davao Airport responds to different emergency situations. MCM was requested to play a vital role in this international accreditation through its expertise in the field of digital media.

Simulated bird strike for the CAAP Emergency Drill 2019.

The emergency situation to be documented was a simulated plane crash due to a bird strike. MCM was asked to document the safety protocols and emergency situation at the crash site (displaying how different Government Agencies and NGOs handled the situation), injured passengers, including their relatives, in the ambulance as they were taken to the hospital, and lastly, document the rescue operations.

All requested participants were oriented and instructed by CAAP Davao before the simulation.

The preparation was city-wide and involved all the disaster-responding agencies, hospitals, as well as educational institutions, which was represented by MCM. This was great exposure for the students to observe the emergency and safety procedures in global standards.


Davao UAV Pilots Association

Davao UAV Pilots Association brought their DIY drones in an exhibit open to all MCM students.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao has partnered with the Davao UAV Pilots Association last December 2, 2019. The association undertakes charity work, disaster response, flying lessons, and Do-It-Yourself drone classes, to equip hobbyists, aerial photographers, drone racers, and aerial spray pilots.

Through this partnership, MCM students will be equipped with the skills needed to be educated drone pilots. As UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or more commonly known as drones are now starting to be largely used in large scale industries, educated drone pilots in the fields of engineering and architecture will be greatly advantageous. UAVs can help in inspecting and assessing dangerous areas, as well as grant safer access to sites and structures and easier integration to engineering software. The benefits of utilizing drones in engineering projects include increased quality of work through the precision and accuracy in aerial monitoring, pipeline monitoring, 3D mapping, maintenance of electric and gas equipment, construction, and more.

Davao UAV Pilots Association members.

Moreover, MCM is also looking into offering a Drone Course in partnership with the Davao UAV Pilots Association. Drone experts will be training students on how to build their own drones, the engineering behind drones, how to fly them, how to apply for licensing, the different applications and fields where drones have increasing demand, careers as drone engineers and pilots, as well as the dos and don’ts of using them. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the institution and its partner to offer lifelong learning not only to students but to anyone who wishes to obtain the skills and knowledge to use drones.




Alorica Philippines

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Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
Davao Office

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Philippine Employment Service Office (PESO)
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