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29th Mindanao Business Conference

October 2020

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapúa School, participated in the fourth installment of the 29th Mindanao Business Conference last October 23, 2020, where the key topics were the challenges and opportunities in the Halal industry, especially in Mindanao, hosted by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII).

The theme of the MinBizCon 2020 is “Mindanao: Journeying in the New Normal” where industry players, government officials, private sector leaders, and more, meet to discuss the various economic challenges and solutions in the new normal, which will lead to eventual policy-making beneficial to different sectors in Mindanao.

The key speakers of the event are Mr. Raison D. Arobinto from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Export Management Bureau, Dr. Sitti Amina Jain, former Regional Director of DTI Region IX, Ms. Marilou Ampuan, Trustee of DCCCII and Vice-Chairperson of the Regional Halal Committee, and Mr. Thomas Khoo, Managing Director of Fusionex International.


Mindanao Art

October 2020

Mindanao Art 2020, the largest national art fair, was hosted at Malayan Colleges Mindanao beginning October 21, 2020, until November 13, 2020. The exhibit featured more than 200 renowned and up-and-coming artists, curators, and art critics. The Mindanao Art Fair and Conference was joined by Patrick Flores, Karlo Antonio Galay David, Leonardo Rey Cariño, Evita Sarenas, Dr. Joven Cuanang, Ross Capili, Emi Englis, Richard Buxani, Alfred Esquillo, Toym Imao Jr., Rob Tañedo, Bebot Rodil, Bro. Karl Gaspar, Rudy Rodil, JC Fernan Salon, and Vinci Bueza.



October 2020

Malayan Colleges Mindanao is the first school in Mindanao to partner with the School of Agility, Grit, and Entrepreneurship (SAGE) through YMCA of Davao, Inc. & Makati, bringing an interactive masterclass program taught by world-class CEOs to aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The keynote speakers of the SAGE Masterclass Program Season 5 are Prof. Sattar Bawany, Yemi Keri, Dr. Nikhil Agarwal, Colin Blackwell, Amb. Dato Aminathun, Dr. Ivan Jovetic, Megan Young-Daez, Maureen Nova Ledesma, and Abel Zhao.

Students from the Senior High School Department and Alfonso T. Yuchengco College of Business were given the opportunity to be SAGE Scholars, taking nine courses and learning from leading entrepreneurs from all over the globe. After the nine-course program, the scholars will have another opportunity to take courses on business concepts, have access to the SAGE Network, and have the choice to join the funding and mentorship program.

Smart Communications, Inc.

July 2020

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, a Mapúa School in partnership with PLDT, Inc. and its subsidiary, Smart Communications, Inc. — commonly referred to as Smart — a wholly-owned wireless communications and digital services provider, will be providing its students, faculty and staff with various benefits and tools — among these being sims, load, data packages and WiFi at affordable rates, and means of broadcasting information through their InfoCast platform.

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Alorica Philippines

June 2020

Ms. Astrid Cuezon, Head of the Office for Corporate Partnerships, and Ms. Liezel Lopez, Head of the Office for Student Services, with Alorica Davao members

Malayan Colleges Mindanao has recently partnered with Alorica Philippines with a shared goal to collaborate and advance both communities toward the exciting world of Industry 4.0.

The partnership entails an internship and/or work immersion opportunity for MCM students, allowing a school-to-work transition through the Alorica Internship Program. The internship program allows the students to experience actual business operations, which in turn enables them to hone their competencies and skills in different industry sectors.

In addition, Alorica has also collaborated with MCM in the newly launched Evening Classes Program, where students and professionals are able to advance their college education without giving up their daytime responsibilities. With big discounts and an initial payment for as low as P3,500, Alorica employees now have the chance to experience a World-Class Mapúa Education.


Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

May 2020

Malayan Colleges Mindanao was officially inducted as a new member of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. at their 4th General Membership Meeting last May 29, 2020.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao has recently been inducted by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Incorporation (DCCCII) last May 29, 2020. Known as catering to a large network of businesses and companies, locally and internationally, building a partnership with DCCCII directly connects the institution to various linkages in the engineering and architecture field in the region and in the country. This partnership opens opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, mentoring, and on-the-job training.

Davao UAV Pilots Association

December 2019

Davao UAV Pilots Association brought their DIY drones in an exhibit open to all MCM students.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao partnered with the Davao UAV Pilots Association last December 2, 2019. The association undertakes charity work, disaster response, flying lessons, and Do-It-Yourself drone classes, to equip hobbyists, aerial photographers, drone racers, and aerial spray pilots. 

Through this partnership, MCM students will be equipped with the skills needed to be educated drone pilots. As UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or more commonly known as drones are now starting to be largely used in large scale industries, educated drone pilots in the fields of engineering and architecture will be greatly advantageous. UAVs can help in inspecting and assessing dangerous areas, as well as grant safer access to sites and structures and easier integration to engineering software. The benefits of utilizing drones in engineering projects include increased quality of work through the precision and accuracy in aerial monitoring, pipeline monitoring, 3D mapping, maintenance of electric and gas equipment, construction, and more.

Moreover, MCM is also looking into offering a Drone Course in partnership with the Davao UAV Pilots Association. Drone experts will be training students on how to build their own drones, the engineering behind drones, how to fly them, how to apply for licensing, the different applications and fields where drones have increasing demand, careers as drone engineers and pilots, as well as the dos and don’ts of using them. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the institution and its partner to offer lifelong learning not only to students but to anyone who wishes to obtain the skills and knowledge to use drones.


Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Davao)

December 2019

Plaque of appreciation given to Malayan Colleges Mindanao for its participation in the
CAAP Emergency Drill 2019.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) invited Malayan Colleges Mindanao for the CAAP Emergency Drill 2019 last December 1, 2019. The documentation to be produced is one of the requirements of some international airlines to see how the Davao International Airport responds to different emergency situations. MCM was requested to play a vital role in this international accreditation through its expertise in the field of digital media.

Simulated bird strike for the CAAP Emergency Drill 2019. 

The emergency situation to be documented was a simulated plane crash due to a bird strike. MCM was asked to document the safety protocols and emergency situation at the crash site (displaying how different Government Agencies and NGOs handled the situation), injured passengers, including their relatives, in the ambulance as they were taken to the hospital, and lastly, document the rescue operations.

All requested participants were oriented and instructed by CAAP Davao before the simulation.

The preparation was city-wide and involved all the disaster-responding agencies, hospitals, as well as educational institutions, which was represented by MCM. This was great exposure for the students to observe the emergency and safety procedures in global standards.


Hydro Flask and Parkland

November 2019

Malayan Colleges Mindanao

(Left to right) Ms. Maria Estrella H. Sanchez and Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo signing the memorandum of agreement between Malayan Colleges Mindanao and Hydroflask and Parkland. 

Malayan Colleges Mindanao(Bottom left to right) Mr. Roland Jae Patalita, Ms. Maria Estrella H. Sanchez and Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo. 
(Upper left to right) Ms. Rhodessa J. Cascaro, Ms. Liezel S. Lopez, Dr. Flora Mae C. Yparraguirre, Engr. Rachel C. Villanueva, Engr. Rolando V. Bitor, Ms. Astrid A. Cuezon. 

Malayan Colleges Mindanao forged a partnership with Hydroflask and Parkland last November 13, 2019, in a mutual pursuit toward sustainable development and reducing single-use plastics in Davao City.  Since the beginning of its operation in 2018, MCM spearheaded the Plastic Pitch-In Drive — a donation drive wherein students and employees are encouraged to collect and contribute single-use plastics, which is then recycled into chairs donated to public high schools. Through this collaboration and partnership, MCM is able to banner its #FindSolutions campaign.

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August 2019

Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, together with representatives from the Philippine Eagle Foundation, pose for a photo after officially signing the memorandum of agreement between the two parties.

On August 24, 2019, Malayan Colleges Mindanao hosted the Bird of Prey: An Environmental Fair, a film showing and advocacy event centered on the wildlife documentary about the Philippine Eagle entitled “Bird of Prey” at the MCM Auditorium on the 4/F, Admin Building. Around three hundred and sixty MCM students including outsiders who were allowed inside the campus to watch the film were in attendance. 

In the hallway outside of the Auditorium, attendees could peruse the different booths manned by social entrepreneurs with environmental advocacies from Global Shapers Community – Davao Hub, The Philippine Eagle Foundation and Pasalidahay. These booths were selling various products like handmade soaps, stickers, t-shirts, sandals and Philippine Eagle merchandise. 



August 2019

Malayan Colleges MindanaoParticipants of the #YOUthCan event pose for a photo after the culmination event.

On August 10–12, 2019, the UNILAB Foundation in partnership with UNICEF and the SK Federation of Davao City; and supported by the National Youth Commission (NYC) and ABOITIZ Foundation conducted the first two days of the Ideas Positive Youth Forum on Public Health 2019 at Malayan Colleges Mindanao, where around 800 participants gathered to discuss the importance of youth engagement, building healthier communities and formulating sustainable projects and campaigns that can help in forwarding change for the better of our country. 

Around 100 participants from Malayan Colleges Mindanao attended the event and spent it learning about different advocacies pertaining to public health and being inspired by the various organizers and keynote speakers who shared their desire for the youth to take on a bigger role as the aspiring leaders of tomorrow.

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April 2019

Malayan Colleges Mindanao shown on the LFD screen as a principal sponsor of the Davao Toy Convention held at Gaisano Mall Davao.

Participants of the Digital Art Contest at the Davao Toy Convention using MCM’s provided Mac units and Wacom tablets.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao held a Digital Art Contest at Gaisano Mall of Davao’s first ever Davao Toy Convention Digital Art Competition last April 2019. The digital art contest aims to engage people to share their vision of empowering potential artists inside the city, raise awareness, and communicate the message through digital artwork.



March 2019
August 2019

The Wish 107.5 bus, Philippines’ first and only FM-on-wheels, stationed at Malayan Colleges Mindanao.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao was one of the schools that the iconic Wish 107.5 Bus visited during their University Tour in Mindanao in March 2019. The Wish 107.5 Bus is known for being the country’s first and only FM-on-wheels. In August 2019, the Wish Bus visited MCM again — holding the Mindanao leg of the Wishcovery Originals Auditions. A number of MCM SHS and College students participated in the auditions as Wish 107.5 scouted talents who have phenomenal music spirit and star-like charisma across the country.

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March 2019

Ms. Astrid Cuezon, Head of the Office for Corporate Partnerships, at the Kapihan sa Pia in the Philippine Information Agency – Davao Office.

Ms. Astrid Cuezon, Head of the Office for Corporate Partnerships, together with members from the Philippine Information Agency – Davao.

To boost our connections with the media industry in Davao City, Malayan Colleges Mindanao has partnered with the Philippine Information Agency (Davao) — strengthening its Communication and Multimedia Arts programs under the College of Arts and Science. Furthermore, PIA Davao also helps in the information dissemination of relevant news and updates from the institution.



March 2019

MCM instructors and staff, together with the EVP-COO, Engr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, posing for a photo with the members of LJCreate and Arduino.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao is the first school in the Philippines to feature iOT-Enhanced the LJCreate Engineering Construction Kit and Arduino CTC101 Creative Technologies in its Robotics Laboratory. The equipment will be used by MCM Senior High School, Engineering, and Computer Science students to bolster their skills in solving real-world problems using a combination of programming and design skills. These award-winning, active learning solutions are tailored to provide a comprehensive learning program for MCM students wherever they are in their educational journey towards learning STEAM applications. 

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March 2019

MCM’s BS Entrepreneurship students smile for the camera with their certificates upon completing the first ever restaurant tour held by McDonald’s in Davao City.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, in partnership with McDonald’s Philippines, held a restaurant tour for BS Entrepreneurship students last March 28, 2019. Topics such as McDonald’s history, business operations, processes, standards, and quality control, were shared to the students. Moreover, the students were also guided through the restaurant’s counter, kitchen, cold storage areas, dry storage areas, and drive-thru. MCM is the first school to have a McDonald’s restaurant tour in Davao City.



March 2019

(CENTER) Lance Soriano, MCM Mechanical Engineering student,  poses with his fellow Globe Varsity Squad 2019.

In March 2019, Globe scouted new Globe Social Media Ambassadors. Lance Soriano, a Mechanical Engineering student from Malayan Colleges Mindanao, advanced to the Final 5 of Davao’s Globe Varsity Squad.



February 2019


To boost our connections with the media industry in Davao City, Malayan Colleges Mindanao has partnered with 98.7 Home Radio — strengthening its Communication and Multimedia Arts programs under the College of Arts and Science. Furthermore, 98.7 Home Radio also helps in the information dissemination of relevant news and updates from the institution. 



February 2019

Mutya ng Dabaw 2019 and her court taking a group photo with the student participants of the event.

The 2019 Mutya ng Dabaw and her court campaigned against single-use plastics in Davao. Part of their campaign was to hold a campus tour, in which Malayan Colleges Mindanao was one of the selected schools where they shared and discussed their advocacy to reduce the use of single-use plastics to the students. In a simultaneous event with the Mutya ng Dabaw campaign, the Plastic Pitch-In Project was also participated by the students. 



February 2019

The YMCA of Davao, Inc. visited Malayan Colleges Mindanao for #YMCASchoolInvasion, which was attended by well-spoken young leaders as they elected the officers of their college organization.



December 2018

Poster of the Kumukutikutitap: A Benefit Concert featuring Malayan Colleges Mindanao Auditorium as the venue for the event.

Kumukutikutitap: A Benefit Christmas Concert was held at the Malayan Colleges Mindanao Auditorium last December 2018, featuring Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and the Ryan Cayabyab Singers. The event was spearheaded by Anak Kaugmaon Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with the Southern Philippines Medical Center – Department of Pediatrics.

A year later, in October 2019, Anak Kaugmaon Foundation, Inc. held another event at the MCM Auditorium — featuring a seminar on Raising Kind and Caring Kids at Home and in School with Dr. Thomas Lickona, a world-renowned author of best-selling books, as the keynote speaker of the event.



March 2018

Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, MCM’s EVP/COO, along with Dr. Jose Paolo Mack, MCM’s College of Business Dean, pose for a photo as they turn over the donated books to the Davao City Library and Information Center.

In line with the celebration of the 81st Araw ng Dabaw, Malayan Colleges Mindanao employees headed by Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, EVP/COO, initiated a Book Donation Drive to Davao City Library and Information Center last March 12, 2018. The activity is MCM’s response to the increasing demand for library services in some of the identified far-flung areas in Davao City. “This campaign will be a part of the annual activities of MCM’s employees and future students,” Engr. Maestrecampo said.


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