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MCM’s Limited Face-to-Face Guidelines

As the world eases around physical restrictions due to the pandemic, Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapúa School, wants to make sure that we welcome you safely in the reopening of the campus for limited face-to-face classes.

Thus, here are the guidelines and protocols to be strictly followed by all students and personnel upon entering the campus.

COVID-19 Onsite Learning Safety Protocols

Important to Note: Those below the age of 18 must have written informed consent from their parent or guardian that allows the student to attend limited face-to-face classes.

Before leaving, please assess your health condition.

If you feel feverish or are experiencing minor coughs or colds, or any other discomforts that would keep you from effectively learning while in-campus, please indicate these in your responses to the Daily Signs and Symptoms questionnaire that is sent by the Clinic, and stay home until you fully recover.

Follow entrance safety protocols.

Upon entering the campus, individuals must practice social distancing, use of the footbath, temperature check, hand sanitation, and DQR scan on top of the mandatory wearing of your ID for entering the campus via turnstile.

*For entrance via motorized vehicles, only the one driving may opt to remain inside and submit him/herself for temperature check and DQR scan. All other student passengers of said motorized vehicles are required to get off and pass through the pedestrian entrance gate.

Practice social distancing.

Kindly make sure you practice social distancing at all times and keep at least a 1.5-meter distance between you and other individuals. Compliance will be strictly monitored by our safety officers.

There shall be transparent/clear partitions in each classroom, laboratory, and between eating cubicles as an extra precautionary measure to ensure proper safety and distancing, especially when eating and drinking.

Students may also jog or exercise lightly within the school grounds so long as safe distancing is followed. Students may also play sports such as table tennis or badminton inside the playcourt while observing proper guidelines.

The institution will ensure that there are no choke points at all entrance gates of the campus to avoid crowding. There shall also be staggered break time to lessen the number of occupants in the communal areas.

When walking to class.

When using the stairs, pay attention to the signs and guides of where you should be standing and walking.

When inside the classroom.

Inside the classroom, there will be an acrylic barrier between the teacher and the students. To ensure proper ventilation and air circulation, windows will be kept open and fans will be provided.

Before and after class, students should clean their desks for sanitation purposes and as a courtesy to the next users.

When studying.

Students who wish to study at the Library must follow proper sanitation upon entry. Please be guided by the markings to maintain social distancing. 

There shall also be a NO TALKING policy inside the Library. The 50% maximum capacity for communal spaces will also apply at the Library as well as the maximum stay of a student in the Library per visit.

Prepare proper hygiene and safety equipment before entering campus.

Make sure to prepare your hygiene kits containing alcohol, sanitary wipes, extra face masks, and other essentials before entering. 

Wear your face mask and face shield at all times. Students shall always wear their face mask and face shield inside the classrooms/ laboratories, unless the government, through the IATF or LGU concerned, relaxes this requirement.


Students and personnel are required to sanitize/wash their hands before and after entering all sections/rooms of the campus. Sanitation stations are also available in all floors of the building.

No loitering.

Loitering in the halls or any area within the campus is strictly prohibited. If students arrive early and their rooms are not yet available, they shall be directed to go to the study hall/cafeteria/communal areas where physical distancing shall still be strictly observed.

When inside the elevator.

When using the elevators, please follow the protocols. A maximum of four individuals are allowed inside the elevators at the School Building. Follow the markers on the floor to ensure proper physical distancing. Then, you may use your elbow to press the buttons for your preferred floor level.

When eating.

Inside the Cafeteria, clear acrylic barriers are installed per table. Physical distancing must be strictly observed.

Please make sure to only take off your face masks and face shields only while eating and drinking. Students are also highly encouraged to bring their own food, since access to the MCM Campus will be limited to only ONE ENTRY, ONE EXIT per day for each student. Exiting the campus to buy food during breaks will not be allowed at this time.

When praying.

When inside the prayer rooms, follow social distancing and be guided by the markings on the seats. Do not take off your face masks and face shield, and please avoid loitering.

When going to the Comfort Room.

When using the Comfort Rooms, please observe proper physical distancing and 50% maximum capacity limit within the area. Do not forget to wash your hands properly before leaving the said facility.

Protocols for Student Exhibiting Minor Coughs, Colds, and Fever.

In the event that a student begins to exhibit mild coughs and colds while in school, he or she must report to the clinic immediately. The nurse will isolate the student and follow the standard medical procedure for possible COVID-19 cases inside the campus.

The student’s parent or guardian will be notified right away, and the School Clinic will assist in transporting the student to their home for observation and isolation.