Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao



The Center for Learning and Information Resources (CLIR) collection comprises the following sections: General, Reference, Periodicals, Filipiniana, Fiction, and Multimedia Collection. We provide materials and services to meet the instructional, research, and extension needs of the faculty and students. Our resource center is building and strengthening collection relevant to the MCM College and High School curricula and research. CLIR also provides access to electronic resources through their provided computers and since the campus is WiFi-enabled, patrons may bring their own Wi-Fi compliant devices and access resources.

Library Services

  • Online Book Reservation and Renewal
  • Book Pick-up
  • Online Document Delivery and Document Scanning Services
  • Online Reference Assistance (LIBCHAT)
  • Remote Access Services
  • Library Management System (OPALS)
  • Online Notification of Overdue Library Materials
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Library Orientation
  • Library Survey

Borrowing Procedures

1. Use OPALS in searching for the availability of books. To avail of these library services, clients must have an OPALS account. To register, kindly follow the steps here.
2. Send us an email at regarding your book request with the following details: Title of the Book, Call Number, Date, Time of Pick-up
3. If the physical resources needed are not available in the collection, please send us an email for alternative and recommended titles for your required resources or further assistance from the library.

1. Requested books are placed at the designated area located at the MCM Main Gate for pick-up.

2. Fill up the Microsoft Form Book for pick-up and present the screenshot of the email confirmation to the security guard on duty upon getting the book.

Renewals can be done online using your OPALS Library Account. To be guided on the process of online renewal through OPALS, kindly follow the steps here.

For students: Sign-in/log-in using your STUDENT ID NUMBER as the student’s access credentials.

For Employees: Sign-in/log-in using your STUDENT ID NUMBER as the employee’s access credentials.

If you wish to return a book, please use the book return box or shelf located at the MCM Main Gate.

Procedure for Book Return

1. Fill up the MS Form for book return here.

2. Drop the books at the designated area located at the MCM Main Gate.

Note: All returned books will be placed in the designated quarantine area for three (3) days. After the three (3) day quarantine period, the book will be marked available and be returned to circulation. UV light is provided to properly disinfect all the library materials for circulation.

Online Notification of Overdue Library Materials – Students and employees will be notified of their overdue borrowed library materials through email and chat.