Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)


This strand is designed for students who would want to engage in a college degree on liberal arts and education.

This strand focuses on the study of societal issues and changes as well as human conditions. Students enrolled under this stand will have better appreciation and knowledge of culture, society, politics, arts and literature.

This will provide students with a deeper understanding on the interplay of different aspects of society.
This will provide students with a deeper understanding on the interplay of different aspects of society. Under this strand, a student can become a journalist, lawyer, teacher, author, writer, editor, politician, psychologist, cultural anthropologist, social worker and the like. SHS students can pursue any of the undergraduate programs of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao identified under this strand:


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication program adheres to excellence and relevance and aspires to transform students into proficient communicators who catalyze positive change in society through their understanding of the evolving media landscape.


The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program envisions its graduates to be the most sought-after multimedia professionals by industries locally and abroad.

HUMSS Curriculum

Grade 11

First SemesterHRS
COR1Oral Communication in Context80
COR2Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino80
COR3Media and Information Literacy80
COR4General Mathematics80
COR5Earth and Life Science (Earth Science for STEM)80
COR6aPhysical Education and Health20
APP1English for Academic and Professional Purposes80
HUMSS1Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems80
Second SemesterHRS
COR7Reading and Writing Skills80
COR8Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Ibat-Ibang Teksto tungo sa Pananaliksik80
COR921st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World80
COR10Statistics and Probability80
COR11Physical Science (Disaster Readiness & Risk Reduction for STEM)80
COR6bPhysical Education and Health20
APP3Practical Research 180
APP4Empowerment Technologies (E-Tech) for strand80
HUMSS2Disciplines and Ideas in Social Sciences80

Grade 12

First SemesterHRS
COR12Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions80
COR13Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person80
COR14Understanding Culture, Society and Politics80
COR15Personal Development80
COR6cPhysical Education and Health20
APP5Practical Research 2(Prerequisite: Statistics & Probability)80
APP6Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Akad at Tech-voc)80
HUMSS3Creative Writing80
HUMSS4Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Sciences (Prereq:HUMSS2)80
HUMSS5Philippine Politics and Governance80
Second SemesterHRS
COR6dPhysical Education and Health20
APP7Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion (Prerequisite: Practical Research 1 & 2)80
HUMSS6Creative NonFiction: The Literary Essay (Prerequisite:Creative Writing)80
HUMSS7Trends, Networks and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Culture (Prereq:COR13,14)80
HUMSS8Community Engagement, Solidarity and Citizenship (Prerequisite:HUMSS 2,4,&5)80
HUMSS9Culminating Activity80
IS 1Contemporary Art Appreciation80