Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Offices & Service Centers

Get to know Mapúa MCM’s offices and its services.

Treasury Office

The Treasurer's Office provides easy and convenient avenues for collection and disbursement services to the Mapúa MCM Community and third-party service providers. Know more about frequently asked questions, flexible payment options, and online payment channels.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is the official custodian of all student academic records. Read more to learn about its functions, services, and frequently asked questions.

Health & Wellness

The Center for Guidance and Counseling guides students in maintaining a balanced and healthy personality and achieving academic efficiency.

The Center for Health Services and Wellness fosters the appropriate use of primary health facilities in promoting health, preventing diseases, and addressing medical emergencies.

Lifelong Learning

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence and Lifelong Learning aims to develop the competencies of professional workers and students through short courses, training and seminars, and other learning and enrichment opportunities.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Management Office is accountable for the talent acquisition and management, and organization development of qualified personnel to ensure Mapúa MCM employees are committed to an aligned mission, vision, and values to deliver excellent customer service.

External Linkages

The institution provides avenues for students to immerse in community engagement and research to tackle real-world problems and provide state-of-the-art solutions. Aside from that, Mapúa MCM forges partnerships with industries to maximize the outcomes and opportunities for students.


The school library provides materials and services to meet the instructional, research, and extension needs of the faculty and students.