Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

About STEM

This strand is designed for students who desire to pursue college degrees centered on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This strand provides preparation for students in using science, math, engineering, and technology to solve real-life problems and advance national development.
Under the strand, students can become a pilots, architects, astrophysicists, biologists, chemists, engineers, dentists, nutritionists, nurses, doctors, and more. SHS students under this strand can proceed to any of the following undergraduate programs at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao:


Architecture program invests on training fledglings the practice of architecture especially on planning and architectural designing.


Chemical Engineering program provides an outcomes-based pedagogy developing profound skills-set and competencies with excellent understanding of the intricacies of engineering sciences especially in areas related to chemical enterprises.


Civil Engineering targets to establish a strong underpinning of the principal concepts of science in league with mathematical and computational tools to alleviate besetting challenges through development and sustainability.


Computer Engineering program centers on the learner’s acquisition of knowledge and development of adroitness in computer, communication, and information technology.


Electrical Engineering program enriches the breadth of knowledge of Mathematics, physical sciences, and information technology, and other allied sciences that advances learners to grasp basic theory and concepts.


The Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing specialized in Game Development program prepares students to become game development professionals, and to manage game development projects.


The Electronics Engineering program provides a groundwork for learners to acquire the elemental scope and nature of practice of electronics and communications engineering. It includes an array of activities on telecommunications, information and communications technology (ICT), computers and their networking , hardware and software development and applications.


Mechanical Engineering program commits to optimize the proficiency in designing, building, and improving ventures that require mechanical force work and energy founded with basic and applied sciences.


The Bachelor of Science in Biology program offers a comprehensive education in the science of life, emphasizing scientific reasoning and problem-solving across various fields. The program prepares students for diverse post-baccalaureate paths, such as medical school, graduate school, and professional training programs.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree offers numerous career opportunities in fields such as clinical psychology, social work, and law enforcement. It aims to foster critical thinking and creativity to help students contribute to society and promote well-being.


The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) is a four-year degree program that teaches students the knowledge and skills in the promotion of optimal health and the rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with disabilities resulting from injury, illness, and aging.


The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a four-year degree program that is designed to prepare students to be globally competent pharmacists meeting the demands of the health care system.


The Industrial Engineering program focuses on the optimal mastery of the complex processes in crafting, improving, and installing products and integrated systems of people, information, equipment, and energy.

STEM Curriculum

Grade 11

First Semester HRS
COR1 Oral Communication in Context 80
COR2 Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino 80
COR3 Media and Information Literacy 80
COR4 General Mathematics 80
COR5 Earth and Life Science (Earth Science for STEM) 80
COR6a Physical Education and Health 20
APP1 English for Academic and Professional Purposes 80
APP2 Entrepreneurship 80
STEM1 Pre-Calculus 80
Second Semester HRS
COR7 Reading and Writing Skills 80
COR8 Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Ibat-Ibang Teksto tungo sa Pananaliksik 80
COR9 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World 80
COR10 Statistics and Probability 80
COR11 Physical Science (Disaster Readiness & Risk Reduction for STEM) 80
COR6b Physical Education and Health 20
APP3 Practical Research 1 80
APP4 Empowerment Technologies (E-Tech) for strand 80
STEM2 Basic Calculus (Prerequisite: STEM1) 80

Grade 12

First Semester HRS
COR12 Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions 80
COR13 Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person 80
COR14 Understanding Culture, Society and Politics 80
COR15 Personal Development 80
COR6c Physical Education and Health 20
APP5 Practical Research 2(Prerequisite: Statistics & Probability) 80
APP6 Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Akad at Tech-voc) 80
STEM3 General Chemistry 1 80
STEM4 General Physics 1 80
STEM5 General Biology 1 80
Second Semester HRS
COR6d Physical Education and Health 20
APP7 Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion (Prerequisite: Practical Research 1 & 2) 80
STEM6 General Chemistry 2 80
STEM7 General Physics 2 80
STEM8 General Biology 2 80
STEM9 Work Immersion/Research (Capstone Project) 80
IS 1 Robotics 80