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About Mapúa MCM FLUX

(Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience)

What is Mapúa MCM FLUX?

Mapúa MCM FLUX (or Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience) course format is an instructional approach that combines face-to-face (F2F) and online learning.

Each class session and learning activity is offered in-person, synchronously online, and asynchronously online. Students can decide – for each class or activity – how to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

FLUX allows us to respond flexibly to public health challenges and disruptions from natural calamities without sacrificing learning objectives. You will be able to make the same progress toward your degree even if in-campus instruction is interrupted.

Aside from having choices whether to attend learning sessions in-campus or online, other benefits of FLUX courses include: more learning opportunities through LMS materials and activities, more control over their pace of learning, more schedule flexibility (when multiple classes are offered FLUX), and the ability to learn how to learn online without committing to an “only-online” course.

The Mapúa MCM FLUX course design is built upon these four fundamental values:

  • Learner Choice: Provision for meaningful alternative participation modes where students will be able to choose between participation modes daily, weekly, or topically. 
  • Equivalency: Provision for learning activities in all participation modes which leads to equivalent learning outcomes. 
  • Reusability: Utilization of artifacts from learning activities in each participation mode as “learning objects’ for all students. 
  • Accessibility: Equipping students with technology skills and equitable access to all participation modes.

Not all. Courses may be offered entirely online, others courses are blended, a mix of FLUX and fully online sessions. However, all face-to-face on-site class session components of the blended course will be offered in FLUX format.

Yes. Mapúa MCM FLUX courses will meet at the scheduled times. If you are accessing the course material remotely, you will have synchronous and asynchronous options that allow you to interact with the students who are accessing the course in a different mode. These options will vary by course.

Yes. Students can decide—for each class or activity—how to participate.

All learning modules and materials can be accessed through MMCM Digital. Your professor may choose appropriate video conferencing, polling, and collaboration tools to ensure equivalency and accessibility.

In most Mapúa MCM FLUX classes, students do not have to bring their own computing equipment to classes unless that is clearly explained as a requirement for the session. However, the learning experience will be richer for students attending class in-person to have at least one device that can connect to the synchronous environment.

Mapúa MCM FLUX students participating online would need the same technologies as any other fully online student: a computer with audio (mic) and video (camera) and reliable network access.

Take a closer look at our Mapúa MCM FLUX Classrooms!

Mapúa MCM’s FLUX Classroom is equipped with various equipment such as moveable smartphones, Smart TVs, iPads, and more, to cater to students who are participating in classes both online and face-to-face.

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