Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Guidance and Counseling

The Center for Guidance and Counseling aims to assist and guide students in the process of self-evaluation, maintaining a balanced and healthy personality, achieving academic efficiency and enhancing fundamental life skills needed to be well-adjusted and highly functional persons.

Our Services

The heart of the Guidance Program. It is a goal-oriented therapeutic relationship between a professional counselor and individual seeking help. For students in distance learning, the CGC offers Electronic Counseling that is similar to tele-behavioral health or distance counseling.

E-Counseling procedures:

Step 1: Schedule for Appointment– Students may opt to schedule an appointment through the following means: MapúaMCM-Center for Guidance and Counseling Facebook Page; Graduway; CGC-Outlook email:; OSS service unit: 09985950023.

Step 2: Accomplish the forms- Students must complete the E-counseling checklist and Informed consent.

Step 3: Choose a preferable platform – The students decide on what particular platform he/she is comfortable with. Students can choose between Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Step 4: E-counseling starts on the agreed schedule – Student and counselor agree on their available schedules to conduct the E-counseling.

These are activities whereby descriptive materials and media are accumulated, organized and disseminated. Through electronic information, which are visual representations of information (Infographics) for an easy-to-understand overview of a particular topic. Infographics is uploaded in the MapúaMCM online platforms.


CGC Personnel acts as a consultant in a triad which includes the consultee – the person who consults and the client – the object of the consultation wherein his/her expertise is requested. Mapúa MCM offers Free online consultation to its students through Konsulta MD – via voice or video call, students can avail consultation from Konsulta MD’s Psychiatrist and Psychologist for other health-related concerns.

The guidance counselor accepts referred students for counseling and may refer clients to other professionals (internal specialists or external consultants). Referrals may come from faculty members, teachers, and other significant persons to students who need counseling and other support services. The referral can be delivered through online platforms (i.e. 365 forms, MS outlook).

Research is conducted to discover new knowledge, to advance current knowledge and substantiate theories within the realm of guidance and counseling while Program Evaluation determine whether program goals are met in terms of outcomes as basis for modification of the delivery of services.

Activities conducted by the CGC which seeks to provide an avenue for building balance and overall wellness such as physical exercise (dance fitness), mindfulness exercises, expressing through arts and other activities that would help in developing coping skills that further builds resilience especially in times of crisis.

The center provides psychological testing in to help in identifying the needs of students, particularly in the academic setting. Tests are professionally handled by a licensed psychometrician from acquisition, administration, profiling, and interpretation. Results of these tests are confidential and will be handled as such.