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About Junior High School

An integral part of the education in Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapúa School, is the holistic development of its learners, bringing the importance of freedom, reasoning, and community building to the fore. This necessitates an educational space that exposes learners to diversified backgrounds and varying perspectives and enables them to think and reason for themselves.

MapúaMCM Junior High School aims to equip students with essential competencies for Senior High School and tertiary education and to provide a quality education that is globally competitive and aligned with the international standards of education. The program purposes to achieve these by providing learners with opportunities to learn fundamental concepts at a higher degree of complexity and helping them develop an increasing degree of independence in applying knowledge, skills, and values learned.
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Student Outcomes

The desired outcomes of the Grades 7 to 10 program are defined in terms of expectancies as articulated in the learning standards. In general terms, students are expected at the end of Grade 10 to demonstrate:

  • Communicative competence;
  • Think intelligently, critically, and creatively in life situations;
  • Make informed and values-based decisions;
  • Perform their civic duties;
  • Use resources sustainably, and;
  • Participate actively in artistic and cultural activities and in the promotion of wellness and lifelong fitness.

These general expectancies are expressed in specific terms in the form of content and performance standards.

Junior High School Curriculum

The overall design of the Grades 7 to 10 curriculum follows the spiral approach across subjects by building on the same concepts developed in increasing complexity and sophistication starting from grade school.

MapúaMCM eTutor

MapúaMCM Junior High School students are also offered an optional supplementary program called MapúaMCM eTutor. It is an advising service extended to students to assist them in overcoming difficulties in learning. The MapúaMCM eTutor provides support and ensures that students during online classes are learning effectively. It also involves guided discussions, methodological support, and online learning motivation.


The Junior High School’s eTutor program includes Asynchronous Tutorial Microlessons. This will make easily repeatable video lessons available for students to watch whenever it is accessible for them. Asynchronous Tutorial Microlessons is a mobile-friendly, engaging, fun, and convenient way to offer learning opportunities in shorter spans of time.


The MapúaMCM eTutor will be regularly conducting Live Doubt Solving. Once every week, students can attend synchronous problem-solving classes (other than the synchronous sessions in their regular classes). Students will be given a chance to raise questions and go on in-depth discussions on particular lessons with their teachers and their eTutor classmates.


On-Demand One-On-One Online Tutoring with MapúaMCM Teachers will be available to students who prefer to learn with individually tailored instructions to work on their challenge areas. This will focus on student’s challenge areas and allow teachers to aid in their overall progress. eTutor undertakes the function of providing support and ensuring that students learn online effectively. eTutor will involve guided discussions, methodological support, and online learning motivation.

Unique Learning System

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Access the virtual school system anytime, anywhere.
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Gain new skills with readily available curated learning tools.
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Join professor-led sessions for active learning opportunities.
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Access learning materials from the world’s leading content providers.
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Interact with your mentors in professor-led sessions.

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