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Almaty University collaborates with Mapúa MCM

Mapúa MCM recently welcomed a delegation from Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan, as part of the Cintana Education initiative. Notably, both Mapúa MCM and Almaty Management University are integral members of the Arizona State University-Cintana Alliance Network; through the collaboration with Arizona State University for Business and Health Sciences.

Mr. Alisher Sadykov and Mr. Dmitri Ogay arrived at Mapúa MCM eager to learn and collaborate. The tour showcased the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Their visit to Mapúa MCM provided a valuable opportunity for both institutions to strengthen their ties and share knowledge.

When asked about how the two institutions can foster cross-cultural learning and innovation, Mr. Sadykov answered, “Such exchanges of experience, joint visits, publications, and double-diploma programs only enrich the participants in the process and provide a win-win for all stakeholders involved in this integration.” 

Mr. Alisher Sadykov presenting at the Mapúa MCM Global Classroom.

At the Mapúa MCM Global Classroom, our guests from Almaty Management University gave a lecture titled “Who Pays for Sustainable Development?” The talk provided valuable insights and sparked lively discussions among the students. 

“The main goal of holding public lectures and sharing experiences is the integration of teaching and research activities. This transformation in education provides opportunity and opens new doors for educators.” Mr. Sadykov shared.

Mr. Alisher Sadykov and Mr. Dmitri Ogay from Almaty MU tour the Mapúa MCM Library and facilities.

The visit by Almaty Management University representatives marks a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between Mapúa MCM and its partner international institutions through the Cintana Alliance. Global Signature Courses, through the partnership with ASU-Cintana, continue to bridge geographical distances and foster meaningful connections between academic communities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of education and research on a global scale.

“We were impressed by the culture, hospitality, support, and vibrant student life in Mindanao.” Mr. Ogay recalls. “It was one of the most unforgettable trips and the city of Davao will always remain a warm memory for them and they believe in further cooperation and collaboration.”