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“RED & READY”: Alumni Night

On February 17, 2024 Mapúa MCM held the highly-anticipated “RED & READY” Alumni Night. This sophisticated evening was a tribute to shared experiences and a reunion of Mapúa legacy. The signature red of Mapúa MCM was an homage to the institution’s, turning the campus into a haven of shared memories from the past students.

The night’s centerpiece was the captivating performances by Riveris, Karmine, and Special guest DJ Sam Rodriguez who further elevated the evening, transforming it into a celebration of music and unity. Exciting prizes were also up for grabs during the raffle draw and fun games. The MMCM College Alumni Association (MCAA) also had its oathtaking for new officers.

“RED & READY” was more than a trip down memory lane; it was a declaration of alumni readiness to face the future. As the night drew to a close,the alumni night was a celebration of friendship, shared experiences, and the enduring spirit of the Mapúa MCM community.