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Elevating Customer Experiences Through Customer Service Relations Training

In today’s business environment, an organization’s ability to succeed largely depends on the caliber of its customer service. Acknowledging this necessity, Mapúa MCM launches a customer service training program to strengthen customer service relations. The training develops a customer-focused culture across the organization, emphasizing promoting positive encounters, swiftly resolving difficulties, and exceeding customer expectations. 


On March 8, 2024, Human Resources – through the Professional Learning Community Office, organized a training session at the Mapúa MCM Accreditation Room. This undertaking forms part of the series of Customer Service Relations Training conducted on July 26, 2024, at the Mapúa MCM Auditorium. With its ever dynamic and reputable resource speaker, Dr. Melwin G. Mende, the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Office Manager of the Mapúa MCM, her extensive background and engaging presentation style, she emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in customer service management. 

Dr. Melwin G. Mende as a resource speaker on Customer Service Relations
Batch 1 training of employees in their role-play presentation

Batch 2 training of employees in their “pass-the-quote” activity called Chinese Whisper Game 

Batch 3 training of employees in their role-play discussion and presentation

The three batches of training sessions are designed to target the demands and challenges being confronted by employees from various departments. Through interactive discussions and role-playing exercises portraying real-world scenarios, participants are given the opportunity to showcase their ability to communicate, solve problems, and show empathy for customers. 

Through training and continuous improvement initiatives, Mapúa MCM’s commitment to quality customer service resonates deeply with the institution’s overarching vision and mission by prioritizing excellence and relevance in every interaction. MMCM endeavors to create long-lasting relationships through the delivery of high-quality services.