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MapúaMCM Student Returns Lost Phone: A Viral Story

Harold Yator: An Honest Boy of MapúaMCM

On September 23, 2019 – during his semestral break, Harold Hazekiah L. Yator, a 2nd Year Civil Engineering student at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, went into the 2nd floor washroom stall of Gaisano Grand Buhangin and found an expensive looking cell phone left on the shelf above the toilet. Harold had no idea who the owner of the phone was or where they were, but did what other people rarely do nowadays and put in the effort to find the owner himself. 

By no means was it an easy task but fortunately, upon opening the phone, Harold saw that there was a notification from an android app that auto-locks a missing phone and sends a visible notification to whoever has it to ‘please contact the following number’ if found. The contact number placed on the notification turned out to be the number of the owner’s girlfriend who Harold contacted in hopes of informing the owner that his phone had been found. 

Later on, after getting in contact with the girlfriend and passed onto the grandmother of the owner, Harold was able to make an arrangement with the owner’s aunt who had requested to meet with Harold the following day in the afternoon to return the phone. 

Harold successfully met with the aunt and returned the phone to the owner, subsequently getting his photo taken with her and having his story published all over social media, turning it into a viral post overnight. 

We later on had a chat with Harold on how he felt about the situation and how it went down, getting the full story and understanding more of his mindset on what should be done in situations like that. He brings forth a call to action towards his peers and urges them to put in more effort to help people reconnect with their lost valuables. He shared how he had once lost a phone of his and how much he wished someone had helped him out then. Instead of leaving someone to a similar fate, he decided to do the opposite and be better, proving to us that kindness and honesty are still prevalent qualities in our world today.

Your MapúaMCM Community is proud of you, Harold. Keep it up!

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