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Is Flexible Learning Worth It?

Flexible learning, or blended learning as some know it as, has taken over as one of the most sought-after mode of learning for parents and students since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Many schools in the Philippines took to adapting it in their system during the lockdown, with varying success and struggle. Meanwhile, other schools have integrated to this mode of learning even before the lockdown struck and have taken opportunities to develop it further. 

Though, this begs the question — what truly are the benefits of flexible learning? Has it changed the way students approach learning? How effective is it? One of the best schools to look into these questions is Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, an educational institution in Davao City that has boasted its use of hybrid flexible learning from the very start. 

Since its establishment in 2018, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao has pioneered blended learning in Mindanao. Over the years, as Mapúa MCM continuously innovates to make education more accessible and more convenient for its students, it has developed its infrastructure further into the Mapúa MCM FLUX.


What is FLUX?

Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience is the hybrid learning that Mapúa MCM specially provides to its students. It is an instructional approach that combines face-to-face and online learning, where learners can choose to study face-to-face on campus, online synchronous through virtual classes, or online asynchronous through recorded virtual class sessions and other learning materials through Mapúa MCM Digital – the school’s learning management system powered by Blackboard Ultra, one of the world’s most advanced and leading virtual learning environments.

With this innovation, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, which was also awarded the Catalyst Award for Teaching and Learning in 2022 after winning the Student Experience category by Anthology this 2023, is a back-to-back winner in the Catalyst Awards.

Anthology is an internationally acclaimed leading provider of higher education software solutions, and is focused on highlighting successes and raising awareness throughout the educational industry by celebrating achievements and milestones in innovative learning.  


How does it work?

Mapúa MCM FLUX allows students to choose and take charge of their own learning experience. Whatever method learners choose to participate in their class sessions, Mapúa MCM is fully capable of catering to their different needs.

The school makes sure to provide various learning delivery methods through face-to-face classes, instructional videos, non-video learning materials, online classes, recorded online or on-site class sessions, and live-streamed face-to-face classes.

Hybrid Flexible Classrooms will be equipped with a dedicated Touchscreen Desktop Unit integrated with the Smart TV for easy classroom setup, and an AI Camera, smartphone, and a wireless lapel in all of its classrooms. With these, teachers can stream their face-to-face classes via Microsoft Teams which will also be recorded and uploaded to Mapúa MCM Digital for students to access from anywhere and at anytime.

Student Testimonies

The best people to better inform the public on the uses of flexible learning are students, therefore Mapúa MCM has interviewed a number of High School and College students on their experiences with FLUX. 

Incoming Grade 12 Student, Princess Nicole Zia Luy shares her positive sentiments with FLUX, such as flexibility in scheduling, and the development of valuable digital skills.  “Another advantage of FLUX is access to a wide range of resources. Through online platforms, I have access to a plethora of educational materials, including interactive videos, e-books, and online libraries”. 

She says that the abundance of resources has enriched her learning experience and provided her with opportunities to explore various perspectives and expand her knowledge beyond what is covered in traditional classrooms. Despite being an online student based in Zamboanga, Princess Nicole adds that the FLUX classrooms has provided her with ample opportunities for collaboration and interaction with her peers and instructors.

Allyssa Aisha P. Perez, an incoming 2nd year MMA Student, shares “I personally appreciate how the school is capable of providing the opportunity for students to learn whether they are inside or outside the campus.”  For her, FLUX is very advantageous as it enables her to still attend classes even if she is unable to.

For Allysa, collaboration with peers and instructors is more efficient when done face-to-face. However, she adds that the online setting of the FLUX classes still allows enough room for online students to be catered to as well. “Personally, I always make sure to attend the F2F classes since I prefer learning hands-on.” Allysa shares. “Although there are times where I need to take classes online, I simply make sure that I have stable WiFi, and the gadgets I need for studying in order to keep my attendance is at a 100%”.

Bea Cabido, an incoming 3rd year COMM Student expresses her sentiments with FLUX. Bea explains that her experience with FLUX has been great so far. “An advantage I can think of is during times that I feel under the weather, I can still attend my classes at home online at the same time as my classmates”. She states that she has peers who are in other cities or countries, and using FLUX classrooms gives them the opportunity to interact with one another.  “The instructors are very attentive and inclusive when doing activities for both online and in-person students who attend their classes.”

Bea says that handling the in-person and online components of FLUX classes is manageable for her. “In my case, I always attend classes face-to-face whenever I can, but I make sure to always bring a gadget so that I can check e-mails, and tasks in MMCM Digital.”


While we can never do away with face-to-face classes, flexible learning still manages to provide students with the opportunity to learn and finish their education at their own pace, from anywhere and anytime. This method gives students the freedom to take charge of their education and manage other responsibilities effectively.

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao prides itself as a pioneer of blended learning in Mindanao – and now sets itself as a standard for hybrid flexible learning. 

The Mapúa MCM FLUX aims to provide the utmost flexibility, limitless learning, and a personalized study experience. Getting the chance to choose when, where, and how they learn best ensures that they get the most out of the Mapúa Malayan experience.