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MapúaMCM Tech Bootcamp: Learn, Innovate, Create

True to its commitment of providing borderless possibilities in education, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MapúaMCM) partners with C&E Educational Solutions Group, Arduino, and LJCreate to become the first school in the Philippines to feature the iOT-enhanced Engineering construction kit and CTC101 Creative Technologies in its new Robotics Laboratory. The equipment will be used by MapúaMCM Senior High School, Engineering, and Computer Science students to bolster their skills in solving real-world problems using a combination of programming and design skills.  According to Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, MapúaMCM EVP and COO, “The acquisition of C&E MAKERCE, Arduino, and LJCreate equipment is a testimony of MapúaMCM’s commitment to provide its students world-class, excellent, and relevant tools for active learning.  MapúaMCM students will be much benefited by being the first in the Philippines to utilize these tools to enhance even further their critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills”.

These award-winning, active learning solutions are tailored to provide a comprehensive learning program for MapúaMCM students wherever they are in their educational journey towards learning STEAM applications. So, whether students are newbies or experienced in programming and designing solutions, appropriate support will always be available for them in using these state-of-the art tools through the guidance of expertly-trained faculty members at MapúaMCM.

“Together with Arduino, we at C&E are committed in supporting MapúaMCM’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with Integrated Arts) programs for its teachers and students. We are excited to see how MapúaMCM leads the pack in creating the next generation of great minds and inventors.”

– Gerric C. Gomez, Vice President for Strategic Partnership and Growth Markets of C&E Publishing, Inc.

MapúaMCM’s strong partnership with the leading providers of these educational solutions promises current and future students continued development of its laboratories to equip them with skills they need to be able to perform and compete globally.

Soft copy of media kit along with the certification of MapúaMCM from Arduino Education is downloadable through this link: