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Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao Launches Digital Learning Bootcamp 2020

An Immersive Opportunity: MapúaMCM Launches Digital Learning Bootcamp 2020

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao announced its first Digital Learning Bootcamp 2020, inviting all SHS and College students in Mindanao to experience the first fully integrated online learning system in the region — MapúaMCM Digital — and get the opportunity to use MapúaMCM’s powerful online learning tools for FREE!

This Digital Learning Bootcamp will be held on June 1 to 13, 2020 and is described as an immersive experience inside MapúaMCM’s Online Learning System, aiming to demonstrate and give participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in the first fully integrated online learning system in Mindanao. 

The participants will be given access to MapúaMCM’s online learning portal, “MapúaMCM Digital” where they can explore and get hands-on experience utilizing MapúaMCM’s online learning tools such as Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Panopto, Wiley Plus, and Cengage Learning to complete learning tasks designed for incoming Grade 11 and 1st Year College students.

These tasks will be delivered in either synchronous or asynchronous learning sessions to allow for participants to get a feel for the different modalities of remote learning provided by MapúaMCM.

In order for participants to maximize the online learning experience, they will need a device such as a computer unit, laptop or a tablet; and internet connectivity of at least 1 Mbps for asynchronous sessions and at least 2 Mbps for synchronous sessions.

Familiarization with the online system and tools will initiate the program, after which, participants will be allowed to select short learning modules on General Mathematics, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Basic Education for incoming Grade 11 students; Basic Algebra, General Physics, Business and Management, and Programming and Coding for incoming college students.  A full course on Math, Humanities, and Social Science will also be made available for demonstration during the bootcamp period.