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Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao Partners with Bukas

A Brighter Tomorrow: MapúaMCM Helps Students Pursue Their Education with Bukas

Pursuing quality education with Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao has been made easier with MapúaMCM’s newly formed partnership alongside Bukas, a company specializing in student loans.  

MapúaMCM, through Bukas, is now offering its students 12-month Tuition Installment Plans wherein you can get up to 100% of tuition, payable in 12 months. This is offered to all incoming and current college students of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao.

The tie-up was officially announced in June 2020 and students who are interested in applying may proceed directly to Bukas’ landing page on MapúaMCM’s tuition installment plan here.

Bukas is a finance corporation that helps support students in pursuing their studies with affordable tuition installment plans. Their vision is to build a better tomorrow for Filipino youths, where they can successfully achieve their dreams. 

To avail, simply follow the steps indicated on their website. On the landing page, you’ll find the instructions clearly displayed starting with registration, complying with document requirements and then a 2-3 days wait on your application status. Find the full details on the site here

Bukas has also partnered with MapúaMCM’s sister schools — Mapúa University and Malayan Colleges Laguna.

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