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Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao Teams Up with Cintana-Arizona State University

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MMCM), through Mapúa University, has recently shaken hands with one of the top-ranked state universities in the U.S., Arizona State University (ASU), joining the Cintana Alliance in paving the way for Filipino students to get access to high quality international education in health sciences and business programs.

ASU, the largest public university in the U.S., has been recognized as the #1 innovative university in America by the US News & World Report for seven consecutive years, and #1 in the U.S. and #2 in the world for global impact in research, outreach, and stewardship by Times Higher Education in early 2022.

 The newly established alliance enables the institutions to share their best practices and bring in a best-in-class education experience. ASU’s expertise in innovation and advanced research will be leveraged in shaping students in the country into highly skilled, globally competent professionals, and opening cutting-edge opportunities for them in the country and abroad.

Chris Hill, the Cintana Education chief strategy officer and head of Asia, at the Mapúa University and Cintana Alliance media launch.

“International, research-driven, digitally-enhanced and outcomes-based: this is the character of Mapúan education,” said Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, Mapúa University President.

 The key focus areas of the collaboration are to enable students to gain real-world experiential learning, sharpen their digital and technological expertise, and increase their international exposure and globally expand their networks.

 “We are delighted to launch this new collaborative effort with one of the top universities in the Philippines and its subsidiary colleges,” Dr. Michael M. Crow, Arizona State University President, expressed.

 The collaboration will introduce more advanced and highly differentiated teaching-learning outcomes through MMCM’s Global Classroom. The content and curricula from ASU may be integrated in programs under the Alfonso T. Yuchengco Colleges of Business (ATYCB) and in health sciences-related offerings such as B.S. Psychology and B.S. Biology. Hybrid learning supported by ASU academic resources will as well be implemented. This, at the same time, will open possibilities for accelerated master’s and dual degrees.

 “Our strategic collaboration with ASU enables us to push the envelope further by providing our students with the opportunity to learn with a top US university. Our goal is to enable further a new generation of forward-looking Filipino business and health professionals to transform lives and society positively,” Dr. Vea added.

 With the institution’s membership with Cintana Alliance, Mapúa Malayan students are provided opportunities for international exposure via short-term immersive programs, semester exchange, pathways and summer programs. Immersions and exchange program locations will not only include ASU but all schools and universities that are part of the ASU-Cintana Alliance.

(From left to right) Chris Hill, Cintana Education Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Asia; Fred Ayala, iPeople President; Bonifacio T. Doma Jr., Mapúa University Partnership Executive Director; and Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, President and CEO of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao and Laguna.

“We are selective about finding the right partners. The Mapúa schools share our vision of delivering high-quality, global education at scale to our students, in order to help individuals thrive and to make our world a better place. We look forward to working together and advancing ways in which these colleges can continue to innovate to meet the needs of students as we move ahead,” Dr. Crow ended.

 MMCM continues to update and expand in delivering a world-class education in order to cater the growing educational demands of the new generation of learners.

 The ASU-Cintana Alliance is a network of innovative schools and universities around the globe collaborating to strengthen academic programs and deliver high quality education that every student deserves.