Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

MapúaMCMCCISxSmart: An Epic eSports Event Including Mobile Legends, DotA 2, and Valorant

The Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao College of Computing and Information Science (MapúaMCM CCIS), in partnership with Smart Communications and together with the Office for Student Services, hosted “CCIS eSports 2020” last November 27 until December 2, 2020, where participants were called to compete for championships for Mobile Legends, DotA 2, and Valorant. Before beginning the competitions, the players were required to register to GIGASTUDY99 to participate in the eSports event.

A total of 32 teams registered with 17 teams competing for championships in Mobile Legends, 8 teams for DotA 2, and 7 teams for Valorant. Courtesy of Smart Communications, a total of P15,000 was given away to winners, where the champions for each game received a grand cash prize of P5,000.

“The CCIS Student Organization, together with the Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) and Information Technology Office (ITO), worked hard on the preparations, planning, and execution of the event. Some from the departments have handling eSports competitions so it was not that hard. Each of our officers had a share of work that every one of them got the chance to experience handling such activity. We also have a supportive community. The teams were so eager that they followed all the rules and guidelines. Unsuprisingly, the event was a success.” CCIS Dean Rhodessa Cascaro shared about the success of the event. 

Teams Dark Horse, PQNP, Spicy Chili, and Why So Serious were able to advance to the semifinals of the Mobile Legends tournament. Team Dark Horse and Team Why So Serious defeated the other two teams as they advanced to the finals round, where ultimately, Team Dark Horse became the champions of the DotA 2 competition receiving a cash prize of P5,000 from Smart Communications.​

Team Dark Horse, Champions of the Mobile Legends tournament in the CCIS E-Sports 2020.

“We play Mobile Legends one or two games every day just to build our chemistry as a team and adjust to the current meta, which is hard because we have a limited hero pool.” Jon Rey Sucayan, Team Leader of Dark Horse and a Civil Engineering Student, shared. “MapúaMCM’s support through eSports makes the students more open-minded when it comes to eSsports activities in our school.”

Moreover, Teams La Solidaridad, 4 Boys 1 Park, Civil Inhenyero, AHSAYUNI+KRISJAN+3, were able to advance to the semifinals of the DotA 2 tournament. Team AHSAYUNI+KRISJAN+3 battled with Team 4 Boys 1 Park in the finals round, where Team 4 Boys 1 Park was hailed as the champions of the DotA 2 competition and was given a cash prize of P5,000 from Smart Communications.

“We were just a bunch of friends who, apparently, have never played with each other until the tournament. Most of the opponents gave us a hard time but we still won the whole DotA 2 tournament surprisingly since no one actually expected us to succeed until the end. I guess the only preparation we had was the tournament itself.” Rheil Sabrine, Team Leader of 4 Boys 1 Park and a Civil Engineering student, shared about their championship.

Team 4 Boys 1 Park, Champions of the DotA 2 tournament in the CCIS E-Sports 2020.

“All I can say about MapúaMCM’s support towards e-sports was actually, undoubtedly superb. Most schools do not tend to support such events because most institutions label gaming as a distraction rather than a way of relief for students to feel very complete as whole persons. Gaming, in general, satisfies a person’s need to have a getaway from the reality of the world. Also, not only does gaming make students enjoy themselves but it gives them the opportunity to adept in excellence with various skills.” Rheil Sabrine added.

Furthermore, Teams ABOG, MAJIK, PACKS, and Babe Time were able to advance to the semifinals for the Valorant tournament. Team MAJIK and Team Babe Time competed in the finals round, where Team Babe Time bagged the championship title of the Valorant competition, winning a cash prize of P5,000 from Smart Communications.

Team Babe Time, Champions of the Valorant tournament in the CCIS E-Sports 2020.

“We played many hours of competitive Valorant individually. We also played with agents we were most comfortable with. Then, it was a matter of suggesting what to do best in situations and perform individually. MapúaMCM’s support for eSports will help the students who want to play games competitively and give them a chance to show their skills.” Andrei Butulan, Team Leader of Babe Time and a Senior High School STEM student, stated.

Due to popular demand, MapúaMCM’s teaching and non-teaching personnel were also able to join this year’s “Mobile Legends Employees’ League” last November 30, 2020. Teams Senior AI, MalaCAS, Yamie’s Boys, and NTPID participated in the tournament, where Team Yamie’s Boys was hailed as the champions. 

Team Yamie’s Boys, Champions of the Mobile Legends Employees’ League in the CCIS E-Sports 2020.

“Honestly, as a team, we did not practice for this event since we play Mobile Legends in our free time before this competition was initiated.” Mr. Arjan Lingaya, Team Leader of Yamie’s Boys and a faculty member of the College of Engineering and Architecture, stated. “I think there is no problem with students having an interest in eSports. The prevalent issue here is how they can manage their time.”

“Yes, for sure. eSports is an activity that would allow everyone to de-stress. I guess it won’t hurt if we have it once in a while.” Dean Rhodessa Cascaro also mentioned that MapúaMCM is looking forward to more eSports events in the future.