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MapúaMCM Junior High School: How Beyond Basic Education Works

Junior High School is the formative years of education covering Grades 7 to 10 which ensures the efficient bridging of students from primary to secondary education — a phase sandwiched between the exciting year of stepping into high school and the challenging process of selection of what track and strand to enroll in Senior High School strand. During these years, students are compelled to create important decisions that will impact their educational path for the next few years or even their careers after graduation.

With technology continuing to meet their growing learning needs, students are now more empowered to take ownership of education. Access to technology and to a wider range of educational resources take students to new levels of learning.

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao where technology is successfully integrated into classrooms, continues to personalize and enhance education for its learners by leveraging digital resources that help shape student learning and teaching retention. Here are the three drives of Mapúa MCM’s Junior High School program.



Mapúa MCM has designed a practical and student-friendly digital learning system that mirrors or substitutes the traditional delivery of education. The institution is deemed to be the first school in Davao City to utilize a blended learning approach, complementing the traditional in-campus classes with online learning through the Mapúa MCM Digital.

Mapúa MCM Digital is the institution’s online learning portal which has been existing and operational since 2018. The online learning portal is hosted by the world’s leading Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn Ultra, a web-based application for online learning and teaching, community building, and knowledge sharing. It allows teachers to upload learning materials like portable documents, videos, audio recordings, animation, and electronic books. With the help of the internet, students will be able to access their learning materials through Mapúa MCM Digital whenever and wherever they wish.

Apart from sharing learning materials, Blackboard Learn Ultra also allows grading and assessments of academic performances by students. Students can view their course ratings and get feedback from their teachers. Mapúa MCM Digital also houses the virtual library where students have access to more than 12,000 book titles to supplement their learning.



Although most students come ready and are willing to take ownership of how they learn – Mapúa MCM, as an educational institution, assumes the role of teaching what it means to be accountable for one’s own education. As a learner-centered school, Mapúa MCM develops its students into responsible learners with its Unique Learning System.

The Unique Learning System is designed to offer a centralized learning management platform. It gives access to learning materials and to online educational tools necessary in providing high-quality and transformative learning opportunities to its students.

Part of the Unique Learning System is the conduct of weekly synchronous classes. Having it held in real-time creates an avenue for students and teachers to engage in discussions in the digital space at a common time. This boosts participation and enhances student understanding of assigned learning materials at the same time promotes collaboration among students. Synchronous classes also present opportunities for clarification, consultation, and elaboration of lessons in case students need a deeper understanding of particular learning areas.

Taking ownership of how students learn is mostly demonstrated in the asynchronous mode of learning. Asynchronous learning provides them the convenience to take lessons at their preferred pace, setting, and schedule, allowing them to revisit lessons as needed to improve comprehension and retention. Asynchronous format shapes empowered students who have control over the way they learn.

Both synchronous and asynchronous modes are contributory in honing the skills and competencies of students, soon making them efficient lifelong learners who can adapt to a constantly evolving world.



In addition to the easy online learning system and the Unique Learning System, Junior High School students are offered an optional supplementary program specially created by Mapúa MCM termed E-Tutor. E-Tutor is an advising service extended to students who are remotely learning. It targets to run assistance in order to overcome students’ difficulties in learning. There are various ways E-Tutor can assist Junior High School students. 

Asynchronous Tutorial Microlessons
Junior High School’s E-Tutor program includes Asynchronous Tutorial Microlessons. This will make easily repeatable video lessons available for students to watch whenever it is accessible for them. Asynchronous Tutorial Microlessons is a mobile-friendly, engaging, fun, and convenient way to offer learning opportunities in shorter spans of time.

Live Doubt Solving
E-Tutor will as well be regularly conducting Live Doubt Solving. Once every week, students can attend synchronous problem-solving classes (other than the synchronous sessions in their regular classes). Students will be given a chance to raise questions and go on in-depth discussions on particular lessons with their teachers and their E-Tutor classmates. 

On-Demand One-On-One Online Tutoring with Mapúa MCM Teachers

On-Demand One-On-One Online Tutoring with Mapúa MCM Teachers will be available to students who prefer to learn with individually tailored instructions to work on their challenge areas. This will focus on student’s challenge areas and allow teachers to aid in their overall progress. E-Tutor undertakes the function of providing support and ensuring that students learn online effectively. E-Tutor will involve guided discussions, methodological support, and online learning motivation. 

Mapúa MCM is determined to deliver a personalized and efficient learning experience that meets the educational demands of every 21st-century learner. Its online learning system has continuously been updating and teachers continue to master the techniques of providing active online learning modules. 

As part of its mission to educate the youth to be globally competitive professionals, Mapúa MCM has recently expanded its high school program, including Junior High School, with the objective of equipping students with essential competencies for tertiary schooling and employment. Mapúa MCM’s Junior High School program will cater to students in the city and its neighboring provinces