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MapúaMCM Principal: “Women are no longer an inferior gender”

In celebration of National Women’s Month, the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), spearheaded by PCol Alberto Paña Lupaz, Acting City Director, held a Kick-Off Ceremony on March 7, 2022 following with the theme, “WE Make Change Work for Women,” and sub-theme, “Agenda ng Kababaihan Tungo sa Kaunlaran.”

The 2022 National Women’s Month intends to improve gender balance in leadership and decision-making, capacitate and prepare women to reach their ambitions, and explore opportunities toward gender equality and continued development in women empowerment.

Dr. Flora Mae C. Yparraguirre and the Davao City women police officers during the Kick-Off Ceremony procession (Photo from DCPO)

The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. Flora Mae C. Yparraguirre, High School Principal of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao. In the speech, the principal pointed out how women and girls continue to face multiple barriers based on gender and its junctions with other factors like poverty, age, ethnicity, and disability.

“Despite working tirelessly, women face hurdle after hurdle, amplified by their geography and generational norms. Without opportunities to break free from this cycle, women are trapped in a life that they may not have ever chosen—a life that disadvantages not only themselves, but their families and their communities, too,” Dr. Yparraguirre said.

Women empowerment is in progress and has a long way to go. Still, the rise and presence of feminism do not allude to having reached gender equality. 

“This society should ensure that women are granted all opportunities they deserve. The whole culture of ‘male preference’ and ‘women aversion’ has to be eradicated, equal valuing of women is something that we must inculcate in all contexts,” Dr. Yparraguirre stressed.

Davao City Police Chief Alberto Paña Lupaz awarding Dr. Yparraguirre a plaque of appreciation (Photo from DCPO)

Gender equality is not a change that everyone will see unless gender inequality is acknowledged as everybody’s issue. Dr. Yparraguirre called on everyone to magnify women’s voices in promoting their human rights, and in achieving an equal share in leadership and decision-making.

“Women no longer an inferior gender. Women should not be viewed as competitors of men in all dimensions. Women stand as individuals with equal talents and skills with men. It is in our power to change stereotyped social norms and prejudices that prevent today’s women from improving themselves. As a citizen of the world, each of us must continue to stand by women who break new grounds and contribute to their family, society, and country.”