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MapúaMCM Ranks High at PRISAA Unit Meet 2019

Aiming for Excellence: MapúaMCM Ranked Third Overall in PRISAA Unit V Meet 2019

Student athlete representatives from Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao played to impress during the PRISAA Unit Meet-Up on September 27-29, 2019 followed by the PRISAAYAWAN on October 5 which crowned our very own Malayan Dance Company as Champion. 

The PRISAA Unvit V was attended by 24 member schools within Davao City. The entire event is composed of one week of games – competitions ranging from swimming to volleyball and singing. The Opening was held at Rizal Memorial Colleges wherein the Vocal Duet and Vocal Solo competitions took place. 

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao performers Jan Jocef Juanillo and Julienne Maree Villadolid, Grade 11 students, won 3rd Runner Up for Vocal Duet; and John Matthew Banzon, Grade 12 student, took home Champion for Vocal Solo. 

The following days in the week were dedicated to other sports such as the Swimming Competition wherein our student athletes; Team Captain – Selwyn Rex Cirunay, Rafael Lim, Brent Matalaba, and Eirron Seth Vibar; took home 12 Gold medals, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze. 

For Women’s Volleyball, MapúaMCM’s Grade 11 and 12 female athletes; Kyla Nicole Sebuco, Trisha Marie Oloy, Charie Franzine Alagad, Kate Jocson, Ysabela Marie Casas, Chantal Reiy Solarte, Kricia Umel R. Villote, Sheena Kyle B. De Guzman, Jolla Therese Conol, Ma. Trish Kristel Campos, Maryah Kaye Toraja, Blessa Bongcac, Ayeisha Deanne Lopez, and Tracy Aranton; placed as 1st Runner Up. 

The week-long event concluded with the PRISAAYAWAN Meet at Davao Doctors College. Our MDC (Malayan Dance Company) representatives were composed of Team Captain Danelle Briant V. Balansi and members Patrick Ivan M. Micabalo, Ralph Laurenz V. Maloles, Kristine Anne A. Laud, Tomas Emil Alessio G. Cero, Joshfiel Raphael F. Pepito, Marie Angelique M. Ruperto, Yna Kassandra M. Duran, Zarina Danielle S. Gonzales, Julliana Shaan E. Mercado, Rydel Heart S. Veran, John Gabriel Lim, and Neyl-Kyle E. Conahap. They dance their hearts out and celebrated to a well-deserved Championship win. 

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao ranked Third Overall among the 24 competing schools at this year’s PRISAA Unit V Meet. MapúaMCM’s Sports and Athletics Coordinator, Sir Abeliosre L. Balo, had this to say on the school’s overall performance for the competition: 

“The performance of the school in the recently concluded PRISAA Unit Meet was really great, considering that it was just the debut of the school in this prestigious competition… However, these were not possible without the guidance of their highly-skilled coaches; they really guided and honed the skills of our students which manifested in their performance… Further, the morale of the players boosted also because of the enormous support they received from the administration.” 

The coaches and assistant coaches in charge of training MapúaMCM’s student-athletes are Teacher-Coach Ralp R. Pizana for Swimming, Coaches Albert Lagunday and Earl Clive Dacal for Volleyball, Cesar Glenn Josio for the Singing Solo and Duet, and Coach Claribel P. Avila and Assistant Coach Noel Laud for the Malayan Dance Company.