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MapúaMCM Students Champion in AMARC Contest 2019

On September 21, 2019, nine of our Senior High School students from the ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) Strand participated in a series of contests sponsored under AMARC – the Ateneo Marketing Club. The contests took place inside of the Ateneo de Davao University Finster Building and MapúaMCM was among 15 other schools competing in each category. 

Led by their ABM Cluster Head, Ms. Fides Simbulas, our students participated in the following contests: The Print Ad Competition (Traditional Poster Making), The Message Campaign or Strat Competition (Business Speech) and the Video Ad Competition. Nine of our students from sections XII – Weber, Mayo and Porter split up into groups of three to compete in these events. 

Josette Ypil and Erika Valdevieso participated in the Print Ad Competition, taking home 2nd runner up. Sarah Jo Dinapo, Veronica Roccacorba and Lexus Javines took part in the Message Campaign or Strat Competition, successfully earning Champion status. Last but not the least, Achilles Bravo, Austin Cruz, Resheila Padilla and Chloe Gimenes take home the title of champion for the Video Ad Competition. Overall, our amazingly talented Malayans made their school and families proud by competing ang giving their all in this event. 

The pride is palpable as we sat down with the team to have their congratulatory videoshoot. We asked Ms. Simbulas her opinion on the benefit of joining events such as this for the students and she stated that events such as AMARC or other contests is a good platform for students and teachers in order to truly see and realize their potential besides the academics, or even incorporating both as she shared how the Message Campaign participants utilized their learnings from class in order to make a good presentation.

One of the participants in the Message campaign contest, Mr. Lexus Javines, also expressed his joy from winning and what he had learned from the experience. 

“The power of speaking and influence is really something, and if you get to hone that skill it will not only help you now but also in the future.”

We’re proud of you, Malayans!