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MapúaMCM x Project RESILIEMC: An Initiative For COVID-19 Risk Management in Mindanao

Project RESILIEMC, a project spearheaded by Mapúa MCM’s Office for Research, Development, and Innovation Head, Dr. Gernelyn T. Logrosa, and her team, was invited to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region 9’s Disaster Preparedness Forum last September 28, 2021 to discuss it. The online forum highlighted the contributions of private sectors and academes in building resilient communities. Among four resource speakers in the forum, Project RESILIEMC represented by project researcher, Ms. Daena Acosta, was the first presenter to discuss its COVID-19 Risk Management.

Project RESILIEMC, which stands for “Risk Management and Enhanced Survival Analysis Integrated through Longitudinal Infectious Disease Data and Statistical Epidemiological Model using Clinical Risk Factors”, aims to develop solutions and strategies to effectively manage the risks associated with COVID-19 using interdisciplinary applied modeling systems and processes in Mindanao.

As part of its risk management framework, the project discussed the bowtie methodology — a methodology that is focused on providing a comprehensive picture of a situation in which certain risks exist. 

The bowtie diagrams produced are a great visualization tool as it is simple yet understandable and displays all the possible causes and effects, and its relationships with the established preventive measures and mitigative interventions for a COVID-19 contagion to any of its target audience. The bowties produced will also be part of the decision support system platform of the project.

A number of questions were raised at the last part of the forum. Some questions were about the project’s management methods such as if these are currently implemented or used by the local government units (LGUs), and if it is also applicable to other regions. This highlights how open they are to any suggestions and to receive any help or assistance that they can get during this pandemic.

Project RESILIEMC, which was approved under the DOST’s Science for Change Program of the Niche Centers in the Regions (NICER) as Project 2 of the Center for Applied Modelling and Data Analytics, and Bioinformatics for Decision Support System in Health (AMDABiDSS-Health) Research Program just recently started its operations this February 2021.

As part of its sustainability plan, the project will have a modularized dashboard platform that is focused on health risk management which will be utilized in the future mainly by the LGUs, and the public and private hospitals in each region in Mindanao. The project will then act as a link between the academic institutions, the hospitals, its COVID-19 patients, and the LGUs.

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