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Mapúa MCM attends the 1st International Youth Conference on Language and Culture (IYCLC) 2022

Mr. Datu Abuzar Mussadeqh Mohammad delivering his talk in the 1st International Youth Conference for Language and Culture 2022 via Zoom.

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao joined the 1st International Youth Conference on Language and Culture (IYCLC) 2022 last October 29, 2022, organized by Esa Unggul University from Jakarta, Indonesia, with the theme “Preserving Youth Identity in a Multicultural Society”.

The IYCLC 2022 was established in celebration of the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day, Language Month, and the 29th Anniversary of Esa Unggul University. The youth conference aimed to raise awareness on culture and language for the young generation and develop creativity and communication in a multicultural environment. Students from different universities across the world were invited to share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts about preserving their identities in a multicultural society.

Mapúa MCM was represented by Mr. Datu Abuzar Mussadeqh Mohammad, a 3rd Year BA in Communication student, who delivered a speech entitled “Embracing One’s Identity: Preserving Youth Identity in a Multicultural Society”.

A screenshot of Mr. Datu Abuzar Mussadeqh Mohammad's presentation entitled Embracing One's Identity: Preserving Youth Identity in a Multicultural Society.

In his speech, Mr. Mohammad tackled the history of Muslims and the Moro people. He shared about his family’s role in history when his great grandfather guided the Moros during World War II, and how he grew up as a Muslim-Moro boy.

“My best friends are mostly Catholics. I’ve made friends and met people practice Buddhism and I was even surrounded by different nationalities half of my life I used to live in Doha, Qatar. I was and still doing more for myself despite having all these multicultural differences.” Mr. Mohammad shared during his talk.

He concluded his speech by making a point to “consider finding comfort and a safe space from people no matter who they are and what they are” – which ultimately strengthens the bond between a diverse group of people who are continuously learning about their identities. 

He was mentored by Dr. Albert Madrigal, Program Chair for BA in Communication, and Mr. Matthew Mark Obregon, Cluster Head of the Language, Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities — both esteemed teachers of Mapúa MCM.

“After the conference, I did feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment that I was able to deliver my speech with confidence and authenticity, and showcase how Mapúans are globally competitive and ready to take on new possibilities.” Mr. Mohammad shared.

Mapúa MCM provides great opportunities for students to grow and hone their skills both locally and internationally through its partner schools. Mapúa MCM continues to reinforce future-ready education in collaboration with Arizona State University and hopes to provide more opportunities in the local and global landscape.

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