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Mapúa MCM Student Represents the Philippines at Winter Japan Culture Camp 2024

japan culture camp

A third year Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao student from BS Psychology, Francesca Morrei E. Lim, embarked on an exciting cultural journey as she participated in the Winter Japan Culture Camp 2024 held from January 28 to February 2, 2024, at Osaka and Kyoto. The camp provided a unique opportunity for Ms. Lim to immerse herself in Japanese traditions, connect with fellow young people from across ASEAN, and proudly represent both Mapúa MCM and the Philippines.

Ms. Lim joined a diverse group of young delegates from the ASEAN Youth Friendship Network (AFYN). Throughout the camp, they participated in a variety of enriching activities designed to foster cultural understanding and friendship. The program offered a unique opportunity to learn the basics of the Japanese language. The camp itinerary included visits to iconic landmarks like the Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kiyomizudera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a visit to the majestic Osaka Castle. Through this cultural learning tour program, Francesca gained valuable insights into Japanese culture and its rich heritage. 

Winter Japan Culture Camp

“This unique chance allowed me to showcase the culture, traditions, and beauty of our country while also learning and appreciating the uniqueness of others. It was an honor to be the Philippines’ representative and to receive sponsorship from AYFN Academy.”

Beyond cultural immersion, the camp also provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration among the young ASEAN delegates. “
I actively sought opportunities to engage in conversations with participants from different backgrounds, encouraging an open dialogue where we could share our customs, traditions, and perspectives.”  These discussions fostered a sense of shared identity and purpose among the young leaders, inspiring them to become agents of positive change in their respective communities. 

youth friendship network

Ms. Lim took part in group activities that promoted teamwork, breaking down cultural barriers and creating a collaborative environment. “We even taught other delegates cards games and shared delicacies/souvenirs from our respective countries.” she added. Ms. Lim shared that as a Psychology major, the Culture Exchange Camp provided her with valuable skills and experiences that have both personal and academic significance.

“The exposure to diverse perspectives enhanced my cultural competence, an essential skill for any psychologist dealing with a variety of individuals.”
  She added that the exposure to diverse perspectives enhanced her cultural competence, making her more adaptable and open-minded. 

Winter Japan Culture Camp 2024

Ms. Lim’s participation in the Winter Japan Culture Camp 2024 was not only a personal journey of cultural discovery but also a valuable opportunity to represent Mapúa MCM and the Philippines on the international stage. Her experience serves as an inspiration to young people across the region to embrace cultural exchange, foster friendship, and work towards a more connected and sustainable future.