Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao


Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao is offering Night Classes for SY: 2023 – 2024, designed to cater to professional learners who are looking to finish their degree or take up a second course without having to give up their daytime responsibilities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, or advance your career, Mapúa MCM’s evening programs are tailored to meet your needs.

Programs Available for Night Classes

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree offers numerous career opportunities in fields such as clinical psychology, social work, and law enforcement. The program provides a comprehensive education, covering topics like human behavior, mental processes, and general education courses like math and philosophy. It aims to foster critical thinking and creativity to help students contribute to society and promote well-being. The program employs practical and theoretical methods, emphasizing the application of psychological science in different settings to develop students’ skills in both practice and research.

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program envisions its graduates to be the most sought-after multimedia professionals by industries locally and abroad. The program features various courses that aim to develop students’ skills in animation, photography, videography, graphics design, media production and research, among others, through engaging, thoughtful discussions and intensive training using state-of the-art equipment. Mapúa MCM espouses learner-centered, outcomes-based education and is committed to provide students with a rich learning environment to ensure that graduates will not only possess the competencies required for their profession but also the flexibility to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects using existing and emerging technologies.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program prepares students to become computer scholars equipped with the complete tools in planning, organizing, researching, analyzing, and developing algorithms, computer systems and software applications for windows, web, and mobile platforms.

The program focuses on the application of various knowledge and skills and in formal research in the field of computer science.

The B.S. Civil Engineering program targets to establish a strong underpinning of the principal concepts of science in league with mathematical and computational tools to alleviate besetting challenges through development and sustainability.

The cornerstone of the program is learner-centered that augments theoretical knowledge and skills on Mathematics, physical and natural sciences, engineering sciences, and all civil engineering activities. Most importantly, it aims to continuously deliver the highest quality, large-scale technical, scientific, and liberal education to capacitate learners to meet the local and global standards in the field of civil engineering.

The B.S. Computer Engineering program centers on the learner’s acquisition of knowledge and development of adroitness in computer, communication, and information technology.

The program aids to foster the excellent command on designing, developing, implementing, maintaining, and integrating computer hardware and software, and understanding their interdependence. Thus, the program fundamentally fortifies mastery on computer engineering, its application, and its primal concepts to qualify learners to meet the local and global standards in the field of computer engineering.

The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management degree equips students with a solid foundation in real estate principles and practices, preparing them for diverse career opportunities in the dynamic real estate industry. With a comprehensive curriculum, students gain insights into property valuation, real estate law, property development, and investment analysis. This program combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, empowering students to excel in real estate transactions, property management, and consultancy.

Why choose Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao for Night Classes?

Our night classes are carefully curated to align with the evolving demands of various industries. We offer a wide range of programs spanning fields such as health sciences, arts, computer science, and engineering. You can choose a program that directly relates to your profession or explore a new field to broaden your horizons.

We understand how busy it can get with daytime responsibilities; therefore, your curriculum is designed to give you more time and opportunities to tackle your academic requirements. Each term has a maximum of 12 units only. Courses are scheduled Mondays through Fridays from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

As a part of the Mapúa MCM network, we provide access to modern facilities and online resources to support your learning journey. From well-equipped laboratories to cutting-edge technology, we ensure you have everything you need to excel in your studies.

To further supplement your experience as working students, Mapúa MCM offers a Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience (FLUX). This is the hybrid learning that Mapúa MCM specially provides to its students. It is an instructional approach that combines face-to-face and online learning, where learners can choose to study face-to-face on campus, online synchronous through virtual classes, or online asynchronous through recorded virtual class sessions and other learning materials through Mapúa MCM Digital – the school’s learning management system powered by Blackboard Ultra, one of the world’s most advanced and leading virtual learning environments

All students will not only have access to Mapúa MCM’s learning management system but also to the plethora of learning materials and digital tools that are accessible from various sources offered by the institution — Blackboard Learn, Wiley, Cengage, Elsevier, VitalSource, Panopto, Coursera, etc.

Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of real-world experience and academic expertise to the classroom. They are committed to delivering high-quality education and guiding you towards success in your chosen field.