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Open Mic Event: Music Fridays at MapúaMCM

Music Fridays: Sing Out Loud and Proud at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Officially beginning on September 13, 2019, the students of MapúaMCM gathered at the plaza to sing and listen to live performances at the bi-monthly open mic event known as Music Friday. Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, the Center for Guidance and Counseling prepares an audio set-up at the plaza for students to openly perform in front of their peers.

Spearheaded  by Ms. Anita Ang, Guidance Facilitator and experienced vocalist, the first Music Friday event opened to a relaxing atmosphere as students attested to enjoying their time at the open mic because of the stress relieving experience it provided. 

Malabas mo yung emotions mo through music,” first performing group, Matthew Ramirez and company commented. “Through music, safe space namin para ma-destress from hectic schedules.”  

Around this time, students were undergoing their exams and had found comfort after classes in the open mic event. Those in the audience had enjoyed the performances and found it just as stress relieving to watch. Some audience members who were there to support their friends commented on how lively the sets made the school feel and how wonderful it is that every few Fridays could be a good venue to let go of stress through music. 

Duet participants John Banzon and Mikael New who performed songs like Maybe the Night by Ben&Ben and Di Na Muli by The Itchyworms encouraged the open mic event and, though were nervous at first, appreciated the experience of performing afterwards. 

Sana mag-continue pa tong open mic kahit na wala na kami dito kasi nakaka-enlighten po siya for other students,” John Banzon says. 

The second open-mic event – held on October 4, 2019 – began with a celebration as it directly preceded the World Teacher’s Day event and opened with some impromptu performances from the Senior High School faculty. Students watched from the sides, laughing and singing along with their teachers. 

Later that afternoon, the open-mic event continued. A few students came up and sang, enjoying the easy-going vibe. One of the singers, Ms. Julienne Maree Villadolid – 3rd runner-up for the PRISAA Vocal Duet – had this to say on the importance of the open-mic event for students: 

For me, it’s good because it opens more doors to people who are afraid of singing, because they want to showcase their talents …

Many more students had come thereafter to perform and enjoy with their friends, positively marking the first and second Music Fridays in the history of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao. 

If you want to express yourselves, relieve stress or just showcase your talent then don’t be afraid to come over to the MapúaMCM Plaza on the scheduled Fridays of the month and sing your heart out! It is open to all. ​

Music by ⓒ Mike Perry – ONE LIFE (Neversea Festival 2019 Official Anthem)

MapúaMCM Music Fridays AVP Edited by Kaiel Erych Nadong