Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Industry Partnership for Educational Sponsorship (IPES)

The Industry Partnership for Educational Sponsorship (IPES) program primarily aims to assist companies and organizations that are willing and ready to fund student scholarships for college degree programs at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao.

MMCM, through the Center for Scholarship and Financial Aid (CSFA), manages every aspect of IPES – from promoting the scholarships offered by the Industry Partners, collecting applications, screening, and selection, to awarding scholarship funds.

IPES is open to all companies and organizations that can help fund a college degree program with the hope of creating future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Mindanao.


  • To give all underprivileged but deserving students the chance to pursue degrees in engineering, computer studies, health, business, and the arts. 
  • To provide a range of scholarship options to all MMCM industry partners who are eager and ready to fund a college student’s whole program.

How can a company sponsor a student?

Sponsors may commit at several levels to support one or more college students throughout their degree program at MMCM. Company sponsors may have the following options in terms of:

  • Percentage of the total school fee discount to be awarded to scholars (tuition fees, laboratory fees, and miscellaneous fees). Percentages can be 25%, 50%, 75%. or 100% (full scholarship)
  • Number of students to sponsor
  • Program taken by the student scholars
  • Qualifications of student scholars
Sample option:
100% full scholarship for two (2) Accountancy students

Sample computation:
Two students * 90,000 (estimated cost of the Accountancy program per year) * 4 (No. of Years to complete the program) = Php 720,000.00

Benefits of Company Sponsors

  • The registered name of the company sponsor will be used as the title of the scholarship.
  • The company Logo, Scholarship Name, and details will be promoted through the MMCM website and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Company scholars may be granted a contract to work with the sponsoring company.


Help a student fulfill their dreams of pursuing their education by becoming one of MMCM’s sponsor partners.
If interested, kindly contact the Office for Corporate Partnerships at or +63 998 583 5578.