Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Progam

About Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a four-year degree program that is designed to prepare students to be globally competent pharmacists meeting the demands of the health care system.  The program allows students to learn community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and manufacturing through extensive lectures, laboratory work, research , and local and international pharmaceutical exposures.  

Mapúa MCM provides opportunities for pharmacy students to learn international pharmaceutical practices through its global internship and exchange program in pharmacy schools abroad especially those affiliated with ASU-Cintana Education.  

Graduates of the BS Pharmacy program may pursue a career in any of the following areas of pharmacy practice:  pharmaceutical manufacturingproduction planning and inventory controlquality assuranceresearch and developmentregulatory affairsacademehospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacycommunity pharmacycosmetics industryveterinary industryclinical researchgovernment serviceand sales or marketing.  

Program Educational Objectives

Three years after graduation, graduates of the Pharmacy Program shall be:

  • Manage drug facilities based on ethical business principles. 
  • Conduct research on topics and concerns relating to pharmaceuticals. 
  • Participate in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. 
  • Participate in a range of community-based pharmacy-related activities as well as dealing with environmental issues and concerns. 

Student Outcomes

At the end of the program, graduates of the Pharmacy Program will be able to

  • Adhere to legal requirements, practice standards and code of ethics for the pharmacy profession. 
  • Apply knowledge and skills of mathematics, health sciences, social sciences, psychosocial sciences, physical sciences, environmental and natural sciences, and information technology, and other advanced technologies to the practice of pharmacy. 
  • Apply suitable techniques and principles I the compounding, storage, and manufacturing, distribution, administration, and disposal of pharmaceutical (biologicals) products to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy of products. 
  • Dispense pharmaceutical products according to practice standards with provision of relevant information based on sound scientific evidence. 
  • Collaborate effectively with the patients and other members of the health care team. 
  • Conduct or participate in research activities according to guidelines of scientific research and dissemination of findings for utilization. 
  • Demonstrate efficiently and effectively key responsibilities in any organization. 
  • Integrate patient safety with entrepreneurial activities. 
  • Facilitate learning of selected learners for specific purposes (patients, students, peers, staff, other health professionals). 
  • Communicate effectively using culturally appropriate language. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BS Pharmacy program may pursue a career in any of the following areas of Pharmacy practice:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing/Production

Production Planning And Inventory Control

Quality Assurance


Regulatory Affairs

Research And Development

Hospital Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy

Cosmetics Pharmacy

Veterinary Industry

Clinical Research

Government Service

Health Publications

Sales or Marketing

Institutional Pharmacy