Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Progam

About Physical Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) is a four-year degree program that teaches students the knowledge and skills in the promotion of optimal health and the rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with disabilities resulting from injury, illness, and aging. Students are trained in different methods on how to promote, maintain and restore physical functional ability and maximum movement for people at any stage of life. 

Mapúa MCM provides opportunities to Physical Therapy students to learn international physical therapy practices through its partnership with ASU-Cintana Education wherein students can have global internships and exchange programs with other schools abroad. Students will learn international physical therapy practices through a wide-ranging internship program that allows them to work within the health domains of promotion, prevention, treatment, habilitation, and rehabilitation.  

Graduates of the program may work in sports teams, rehabilitation and care centers, academe, business, health research and development, and government service, or may pursue a career as a community-based therapist or hospital-based therapist. 

Program Educational Objectives

Three years after graduation, graduates of the Physical Therapy Program shall be:

  • Provided opportunity, instruction, and training programs in which students acquire basic knowledge and skills in the practice of Physical Therapy. 
  • Integrating evidence-informed knowledge of physical sciences, social sciences, health sciences, and natural sciences into the practice of Physical Therapy. Participate in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. 
  • Demonstrating consistent competence in conducting a comprehensive examination, evaluation, and assessment of patients/clients across the lifespan within a broad continuum of care. 
  • Inculcating good interpersonal relationships and attitudes fosters a more conducive professional atmosphere. 
  • Making continuing medical education a habit for self-improvement in the delivery of upgraded health care. 

Student Outcomes

At the end of the program, graduates of the Physical Therapy Program will be able to

  • Have the ability to be servant-leaders who are humane in attributes, imbued with strong ethical moral values with a deep sense of nationalism. 
  • Integrate concepts from the biological, physical, behavioral, and clinical sciences into physical therapy services. 
  • Exhibit professional conduct and behaviors that are consistent with the legal and ethical practice of physical therapy. 
  • Demonstrate compassion, caring, integrity, and respect for differences, values, and preferences in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, health care providers, students, other citizens. 
  • Collect and critically evaluate data and published literature to apply in the delivery of care, practice management, and to examine the theoretical and scientific basis for physical therapy. 
  • Apply health promotion principles and strategies in improving quality of life across different physical therapy practice environments. 

Career Opportunities

The program caters to students who are interested in future careers in

Clinical Practitioner


Health Research

Government Service (Department of Health, Armed Forces of the Philippines, etc.)

Hospital-Based therapist

Preparatory Course to Doctor in Medicine

Business ( Operate Rehabilitation Center)

Community Based Therapist