Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao

#ProudMalayan: MapúaMCM Student Crafts Viral Video with Superb Dubbing Skills

Christian Garay’s spoof voice-over of a local airlines safety video in Bisaya.

On May 9, 2020, 22-year-old incoming Third Year Multimedia Arts student of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, Christian Dominique Sepulveda Garay, released a video on Facebook showcasing his dubbing skills as he hilariously voices over a local airline’s safety video in local dialect – Bisaya, showing that despite the heavy atmosphere brought on by recent developments in our environment today, we can still do our best to spread joy to the community.

Christian shared that he began making videos when he was in High School. He’d initially begun editing photos of himself alongside celebrities and then realized that his reach would grow if he changed his media format to videos. So, he began making covers on the Acapella app and eventually moved onto creating full-blown parody videos and dubbed clips. 

“…In a way, making videos became my hobby, so if ever my friends see them, they’ll remember me — because they see me as a jokester. My videos are made mainly to help reduce the stress of my viewers.” 

His most viral video thus far — with almost a million engagements— was made upon being told by his peers that his voice resembles that of official voice over work done in malls and airplane announcements. He’d previously done a video of himself dubbing a short clip from a local airline and it was featured on a page in Manila wherein the Admin of said page is a writer of GMA (Global Media Arts) Network and voice-over artist for advertisements of local brands and food chains. Due to this, Christian became more confident in pursuing the idea of making a complete version of the local airline safety protocol dubbing video. 

Watch the full video here on Christian’s Facebook page. 

When the video was released, Christian Garay garnered a lot of attention online from viewers who were praising his skill and humor. He was glad to have been able to engage so many people. Christian feels that he succeeded in doing what he set out to do which is make people laugh and help them forget their worries.

“I think it was effective — the intention to divert my viewers’ attention from negative issues that they spend their time seeing on Facebook. Now, they’re much more engaged in humorous videos on social media, not only from me, but also towards others who make funny memes and videos, so their stress is lessened.”

He also talks about seeing other people on social media do their own versions of the video, showing Christian that he was able to influence others in a way to keep spreading ‘good vibes’ to the people around them.

“In a world full of expenses, share happiness. It’s free.” 
— Christian Dominique Sepulveda Garay

You can watch plenty of Christian Garay’s videos on his Official Facebook page, along with a recommendation of his other videos here and here. Check him out on his official Instagram account @tiannygaray as well.