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Save Money on Apple Products at MapúaMCM

Discounted Apple products have made it onto the doorstep of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao. Switch, an authorized Education Reseller of Apple products, have partnered up with MapúaMCM to make Apple gadgets and accessories easily available to students, teachers and parents within the MapúaMCM campus. What’s more is that even outsiders of MapúaMCM or non-MapúaMCM students can purchase Apple products at a discounted price so long as they are purchased inside of the 1900 Bookstore which is located beside the MapúaMCM Cafeteria. 

You can purchase various accessories and gadgets at the store like phone cases, laptop sleeves, apple pencils, chargers, adaptors and even the latest iPads and MacBooks with a 10-15% discount.  Gadgets can be ordered through the 1900 Bookstore, delivered from Switch’s SM Lanang branch and then picked up at the bookstore with no hassle from the buyer and a 1-year warranty upon purchase. You can even bring and pick up any of your Apple products for service maintenance at the 1900 Bookstore, even if it wasn’t bought at MapúaMCM. 

The current mode of payment is in cash with developing options for home credit. Please keep an eye out for any news or updates on Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao’s various social media platforms. 

For any other inquiries or concerns on what Switch is selling, you may locate the person in charge, Ms. Florlyn Palmares, at the 1900 Bookstore. Our partner, Switch can also be found on the 3rd Floor of SM Lanang. 

The 1900 Bookstore was established along with the construction of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao in 2017. The name ‘1900’ was, in fact, chosen as a direct reference to the roman numerals that spell MapúaMCM.  

Buy Discounted Apple Products at the 1900 Bookstore Now!