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The Mapúa Malayan Junior High School Experience

Junior High School students are entering their formative school years and will make important decisions that will affect the next few years of their academic careers and beyond. Likewise, parents are always critical in choosing what educational institution to send their children to. It should be a school that can hone and develop their children’s growth in academics and provide them with the skills needed to navigate their futures. 

Choosing where to send your children used to be a challenge until Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao came into the picture. 

Mapúa MCM Junior High School continues to customize and enhance education for its learners by integrating new resources that help shape student learning and effective teaching. At Mapúa MCM, technology is fully implemented in classrooms and students are more empowered to take control of their education as technology enables them to meet their growing learning needs. 

Online Learning Made Easy For Parents and Learners

Parents can rest easy knowing their child is equipped with the best online learning services. Mapúa MCM Junior High School provides formative and summative assessments to ensure that students are still learning effectively even with remote learning. Through eTutor, learners are also given ample opportunities for online consultations and tutorials from teachers to ensure that their learning is appropriately guided.

Flexible Learning Options

This school year, Mapúa MCM introduces the Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience (or FLUX). FLUX is tailored to meet the students’ needs and allows more choices in their learning pace – allowing them to study online, offline, or hybrid-flexible (limited face-to-face and online). FLUX was created to accommodate the students’ different styles of learning and to allow them to make the most of their academic experience at Mapúa MCM.

This setup ensures that no student is left behind and everyone has a chance to keep up with the new normal-ready learning systems. Even if on-campus instruction is disrupted, students can make the same progress for their education through FLUX.


Study-Life Balance

 Mapúa MCM prides itself on the many reasons parents can entrust their children’s education. Mapúa MCM makes it easy for the parents to give their children the quality education they deserve, while still allowing a healthy balance between social life and academics and putting students first in its initiatives.

 Online classes are limited to four hours per day from Monday to Friday for high school students. Mapúa MCM also ensures the number of written works and performance tasks are carefully curated based on the essential learning competencies set by the Department of Education and are based on the standards of learning of the Mapúa MCM High School Department.

Student First Attitude 

Mapúa MCM prioritizes students’ needs above all else. To help mitigate burnout in students, the Office of the Student Services (OSS) regularly conducts online wellness activities to ensure the study-life balance of the students. Additionally, the Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) conducts activities to provide a means of achieving balance and general wellness. It aims to provide an avenue for building balance, achieving academic efficiency, and developing coping skills that further build resilience, especially in times of crisis.

Junior High School is the first step into higher education for young students. It is a pivotal time in their lives and they must be guided in a positive environment, as young students will begin to learn the necessary skills to advance further in life. 

 Mapúa MCM is committed to providing a personalized and efficient learning experience that fulfills not only the educational needs of today’s students but also molds them holistically

 Effective digital learning is more crucial now than ever in the new normal. With unique setups and services only available to Mapúa MCM students, their Junior High School experience at the institution is sure to be fruitful.