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Tips to Ace Your Online Classes: From Your Fellow Malayans

In 2018, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao is known for its blended learning approach and unique learning system. In 2020, even with the unexpected pandemic, we were able to swiftly and successfully transition into flexible learning. But we must admit – we miss having students around the campus, and we know you miss having face-to-face classes too.

While we wait for the government’s go signal to pursue a limited face-to-face class set-up, let us maximize our resources while keeping safe at home. With this, we asked our students on our Instagram stories to share tips and advice to be more productive in online classes.

1. Don’t force yourself! Take information in slowly, and let your brain work.

from @superdenmar on Instagram

Don’t overwhelm yourselves with your schoolwork! Keren Ruth Bubutan (@kerennruth on Instagram) also tells you to not pressure yourselves. Enjoying the learning process is better than forcing your mind to absorb everything.

2. Use sticky notes or whiteboards for organizing tasks, prioritizing notes, and reminders.

from @altairefaith on Instagram

Your schoolwork might seem intimidating at first – but organizing everything through sticky notes or reminder apps on your laptops or phones, helps you compartmentalize which task to do first.

3. Procrastinating only reels you away from your tasks, which ultimately just ends up resurfacing later on.

from @kyzer_campos on Instagram

Better to get it done sooner rather than later, otherwise you’re gonna end up forcing your work last minute, and it usually never ends well. Look at what you need to prioritize first, and try to get everything done in time so you can have some well-deserved rest later on. You’ll be thanking your past self.

Ivan Gel Tizon (@ivanteehee on Instagram) also advises: “Don’t procrastinate!”

4. No to cramming!

from @akiiiyaaaaa on Instagram

Cramming happens when you procrastinate. Waiting for the last minute to beat deadlines will compromise the quality of your work. Time management is key!

5. Being responsible with the tasks per week so there will be no backlogs!

from @gabatoolendon on Instagram

Lendon John Gabato also adds that “having an oriented schedule where you target answering a certain subject per day” helps. Similarly, Dorothy Remolar (@d.remolar on Instagram) advises to “create a feasible weekly schedule and stick to it.”

6. Print all your notes or better yet, write them all. So you could stay away from your gadgets!

from @ahernx_x on Instagram

Dorothy Remolar shares that when note-taking, you may opt to write questions instead to help you retain information better.

In addition, Justine Kyla Gedorio (@jkgedorio on Instagram) suggests to “keep your phone away.” If you want to, perhaps scheduling time limits on your phones or downloading browser extensions that block distracting websites may help. You’ll have more time for Shopee later!

7. Eat chocolates before you study then after you take the exam to have energy.

from @alyannabulac on Instagram

Eat before and after studying or taking exams to give you energy! You may reward yourself with sweets after – to give yourself a little incentive. Not too many though – keep yourself healthy, get enough sleep, and don’t forget to take your vitamins and hydrate. 

8. Read from other sources.

from @julbutongkay on Instagram

Expand your knowledge by reading from other materials about your lessons. Even better? Watch crash course videos on YouTube! There are many different ways that people absorb or understand information – so don’t be afraid to look into as many legitimate resources as possible – whether in video, text, or photos.

9. Take a 15-minute break every one hour of a study session.

from @d.remolar on Instagram

Studying for hours on end could exhaust you mentally. Taking quick breaks in between lets you take a breather and recalibrates your brain to continue reading again. This study method may also be referred to as the Pomodoro Technique.

10. Have a complete rest! Don’t be afraid to take one. Our minds work effectively that way.

from @kerennruth on Instagram

Keren Ruth Bubutan also shares that she learned to do at least two tasks a day. She found out that overworking leads to unproductiveness. For study techniques, she adds “do the ‘outline’ technique as soon as possible, preferably in a notebook or in printed format.” Lastly, Keren says to write your own notes and “stop depending on anything you have just read.”

There you have it, Malayans! Some friendly advice and study tips from your fellow Malayans to get you through online classes. Although we miss seeing you studying at the student lounge or at the library, the present situation calls for flexible learning in the new normal – so for now, please stay safe at home.

In 2018, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao is known for its blended learning approach and unique learning system. In 2020, even with the …

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