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What is global education and why is it important to Filipino learners?

In a recent article, it was revealed that the learning curriculum in the Philippines focuses more on traditional learning which prioritizes teaching “memorization” or low-order thinking skills. As a result, Filipino students continue to lag in subject areas such as reading, mathematics, and science compared to other countries.   

This is where global education comes in. Global education is an important facet in any curriculum as it allows students to widen their perspective on topics globally. Not only that, but they are also exposed to diverse cultures while being familiar with a variety of viewpoints. As a result, students can thrive and possess the necessary attitude, skills, and values to face the modern world as professionals. 

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao (Mapúa MCM) emphasizes the importance of global education in their teaching curriculum. In doing so, they produce quality graduates who can face the ever-changing world head-on. This falls in contrast with traditional education, which focuses more on rote learning and teacher-centered instruction. There is now a need to move forward from these traditional ways of learning and to cater to student needs in attaining the skills they can use for their future careers. 

For 21st-century Filipino learners, global education is now a necessity. There are many benefits they can gain from a school oriented towards global education. 

Immersing with the global world 

With global education as the focus, Mapúa MCM aims for its students to establish connections internationally. As a result, this will offer them an endless number of career options, be it in the local or global setting. Moreover, immersion will allow them to align their career and passions with global trends. 

Authentic learning from real-life experiences 

According to Julius Caesar, “Experience is the best teacher.” Global education believes that students learn best about the world through firsthand experience. This allows them to gain exposure to industry experts and real-life scenarios, thus preparing them for a future with global opportunities. 

 Mastering the digital world 

Global education prepares students for the modern and ever-changing world. They will be equipped with the technological knowledge needed to conquer the challenges of the digital age. As a result, schools produce future professionals who respond dynamically to global issues with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.  

The contemporary world demands a lot, especially from aspiring professionals. The thought can be petrifying for a lot of youth, especially where their future career is concerned. However, choosing a school that focuses on global education will help lessen their anxieties. They will be taught the skills they need to face the world with confidence. 


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Mapúa MCM, as a top educational institution in Davao City, ensures that it produces graduates that are globally competitive and locally in-demand. As part of its ongoing collaboration with Arizona State University, the most innovative university in the United States for nine consecutive years, the students at Alfonso T. Yuchengco College of Business (ATYCB) and College of Health Sciences (CHS) are given the opportunity to have access to global education right here in Davao City. Learners can expect an excellent quality of learning that prepares them for the challenges of the modern world. 

The collaboration with Arizona State University enables Mapúans to have the education that they need and deserve. Aside from that, students are also given the exciting opportunity for international exchange programs and summer immersion around the world. 

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao is still accepting enrollees for S.Y. 2024-2025. You may fill out and submit your application through or inquire through