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Improving New Normal Education with Flexible Learning Options

The outset of the pandemic brought the world to a pause last year, thereby challenging the way schools deliver education. The educational landscape was pushed beyond borders as it faced various obstacles not only for students but for educators as well.

This urged Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao to innovate beyond limits as it consistently leads in digital education excellence.

At Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao, students get to take charge of their learning experience through the school’s Flexible Learning Options – where students can now choose between blended or remote learning with a Unique Learning System that offers a centralized platform to access resources and tools to facilitate studying in the new normal.


The combination of remote and on-site learning

Students may opt to go to the campus for limited face-to-face classes. The school mandates proper guidelines and protocols to ensure health and safety for on-campus classes and is more than equipped with advanced educational tools to help make students’ learning experiences go smoothly, whether online or offline.

These options will be available once the local and national government gives the go-signal for limited face-to-face classes.

On-Screen to On-Campus: Blended Online Learning
Online learning through Mapúa MCM Digital is combined with limited face-to-face on-campus sessions. Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao will follow the 4-10 cyclical shifting model where students may attend limited face-to-face classes for four consecutive days, then study at home for ten straight days.

A maximum of 20 students per class will be allowed for on-campus courses.

Off-Screen and On-Campus: Blended Offline Learning

To accommodate students with weak or no Internet connections at home, learning modules printed on paper or stored in flash drives will be delivered to the students’ homes via courier.

Combined with this are limited face-to-face on-campus sessions, following the 4-10 cyclical shifting model where students study in school for four days then proceed to study at home for ten days.

A maximum of 20 students per class will be allowed for on-campus courses.


Fully learning online or offline from home

Remote learning options will also be offered to students who prefer to study at home. They may choose from these two options:

Fully Online Learning

Students may opt for remote online learning through the Mapúa MCM Digital portal, accompanied by other educational tools such as Wiley, Cengage, Panopto, and more. This option requires an Internet connection at home and devices that aid learning such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and etc.

Offline Learning

For students with weak or no Internet connections at home, or those without devices, may opt for remote offline learning. This mode accommodates learners by delivering learning modules in printed documents or saved in a flash drive to their own homes via courier.

Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao offers Flexible Learning Options to make education more convenient as we navigate learning in the new normal. The institution aims to provide an excellent and accessible learning experience for students in all situations.

Enrollment is ongoing for Junior High School, Senior High School, and College.